Ikawa Greens for Ikawa Home Roaster

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#1: Post by MNate »

A few other threads may have something similar but in the interest of keeping the Ikawa Home user review thread more specific to reviews...

What Ikawa greens have been best (or which to avoid)? Any recommended profile to use with that green?

I'm thinking especially of the sale at the moment. Eventually this thread or another could contain other greens that work well on the Ikawa Home and which profile, but for us starting out it seems the Ikawa Greens are most effective (I just bought the Ikawa Home... exciting).



#2: Post by mathof » replying to MNate »

I can't help you in time for Black Friday sales, but I roasted 100g (two 50g lots) of the Guatamala Blue Ayarza yesterday using the recommended espresso profile. The finished beans registered as a City roast (92) on my Tonino colour meter. I'll taste them in a few days.

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#3: Post by mgrayson »

All my attempts are too new, but after 2-4 days, I like the Guatemalan, Mexican, and Ethiopian Buie Bora best. But they've all been changing too fast to say where they will be in another 4 days! Alas, I am not yet calibrated to taste descriptions, so I'm limited to the good/bad scale :D . The Zambia tasted awful the first day (I can't resist a quick taste), but rapidly became good. The only one I have doubts about, and that may just be my unfamiliarity with light roasts, is the Ethiopian Dumerso.

I look forward to reports!


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#4: Post by mkane »

Keep tasting daily. That's where the fun is. How they change day to day

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#5: Post by mgrayson » replying to mkane »

Yes. If I'd ever learned patience, I would have roasted the sample pack one or two profiles at a time and watched the beans evolve. Well, in a week or two, I'll see which ones look more interesting and focus on them. I'm definitely doing the "10 pounds of Guatemalan" exercise, but that will be in parallel with one of the Ikawa greens. The Sweet Maria's Polar Express-o (The forum software won't allow me to misspell espresso, and keeps changing it) will just have to wait in the freezer. 8)

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MNate (original poster)
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#6: Post by MNate (original poster) »

Well, I purchased the World Starter Pack because it seemed like a decent value (as far as Ikawa goes, not compared to the greens I've bought elsewhere!). I also purchased the subscription to use up my Ikawa credits. Would be fun to hear from others along the way as those get roasted.

This 20% thing is one of those that tricks the consumer into mentally discounting the 20% on the first buy and on the redemption buy... so I'm kind of ignoring it in my math.

I do buy into their theories on the subscription though, that if they know how much demand there will be for their coffees it can help in their responsible ordering. That might make its way to the consumer if it helps their greens program be a success. I'm glad their offerings are in the Americas and Africas and hope the subscription sticks with those regions as well.

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#7: Post by ira »

So for amusement, I tried buying the subscription today and discovered the early bird discount won't work on a coffee subscription even though the email listed no limitations. At least I don't see any in the words when I received it. Worked fine on the World Selection Pack, $55.2 including shipping seems fair but nothing on the subscription.
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