Huky Roaster?

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Hello fellow coffee lovers,

due to the lack of real quality roasters here in Germany it took a while until it happened, but last week i've finally tried some real real good coffee - SquareMiles' Santa Rita and Takegon. What should i say, i was astonished. So what does that have to do with the Home Roasting Forum you may ask?

Simple, i am trying to get the max out of my gene for almost two years now. And the moment the first drop of that Takegon touched my lips i was sure i would never be able to taste any other coffee without a strange look on my face again ;). So, i'm addicted to the real thing now, no more off-by-30-sec roasts, only Spot on, only exactly the way it has to be. The problem? SquareMiles prices and shipping will make me a poor man in an glimpse of an eye, so i've gotta do that myself. With the Gene? No, not possible. (and just in case you wanted to ask that, yes i am quite aware that the quality is not only the roast and the roaster, but also their superb quality beans, thats another problem i'm gonna have to get solved ;P)

So, what does a addicted quality coffee freak do now? Right, check around, ask Probat, Amex, Diedrich, Toper for their smallest and cheapest roasters. Well now ... 5000-10500Eur is a *tad* much for the poor student i am. So thats unfortunately not possible. Okay, now i finally come to my real question ;).

I've just discovered the Huky 300 - strange little roaster it is. You put it on a gas cooking field. Airflow is controllable through the chaff collector (or through putting a fan on the bean-hopper), you have a thermocouple directly in the beans and you can take samples. Sound like a great thing. Two things seem less great - the perforated drum (barismo did a mod, i may ask the manufacturer for a modded version?) and ... well, i'm not quite sure whether it can deliver the quality i'm after or not? In roasting, are there thermal-mass effects that make anything less than XY-kilo coffee not roastable reproducibly (did i say that my english suck already? well, sorry for that ;P)?

What do you think of that little beast? Can i achieve anything near the superb quality of SM with this cute little roaster? Or should i save tons of money and go for a Toper Cafemino or similar?

Thanks in advance ;P.
- Dario

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Looks like a sweet roaster. How can I get one and how much would it set me back?


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Another roaster from Taiwan. The Huky300 was the older, smaller version. The current version is Huky500. It is a roaster handmade by a hobbyist.

Here is it from a Taiwanese coffee forum: ... sc&start=0


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Here is a YouTube video of the Huky 500 from December 2009, with non-English captions:
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HUKY 500

I now have got my HUKY500 and would very much like to change experiences.
The drum can be closed at bottom-circumference.
But all roasters have some air-roasting-effects.

I have exchanged the analog thermometer with a digital one and will try to do roasting with ARTISAN

Please post me some reactions!


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Here are some photos of the Huky500. Maybe Erhard can tell us more about his roaster .

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Here are some more photos illustrating the Direct Flame vs Half Direct Flame:
The direct flame Roaster (Can change into the half direct flame)
size:40*19*35cm (L*W*H)
weight:( around 6kg)
material:(drum T2.5mm stainless steel with hole ) 2.5MM#304  diameter130MM。
cover:super shining stainless steel。
handle:(hard wooden )
Drum rotation speed:50rpm
Temperature measuring:(dual system ,analog and k-type digital reading)。
Fuel source:(liquefied propane Gas (LPG) )or(Butane Gas)
Batch capacitor:150g~ Max500g。
Exhaust fan and cooling :6 inch casting fan
Bearing: Full Ceramic Bearing

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#8: Post by Bkeef »

I'm curious what folks think about the half open drum compared to the solid drum Quest.

I really like the extra capacity of
this roaster versus the quest.


#9: Post by Bkeef »

The Huky is available in a Solid drum too.

I would like to know which option would be better... Solid drum or half direct?

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#10: Post by Clint Orchuk »

What a beautiful piece of machinery. If I ever get into roasting, this is what I want. Thanks for the video.