Huky Perforated Drum Charge Temperature

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Hey there,

I have a Huky 500T with a perforated drum and I was wondering if anyone here was willing to talk about their charge temp and warmup strategy, even if it's not on a Huky?

Me and another person on this thread both have found that we have to charge our drums to much higher BTs (up to 550f even), but our environmental temp (ET) is always the truest reading for charging because our theory is that the BT probe is catching hot air from airflow during warmup.

Does anyone just avoid using airflow in their warmup stage due to wrong readings? I'm usually charging around 425f ET but my BT is wildly different. Are there instances where they should be different with no beans?


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interesting topic!

A good while ago I tested heating up with white beans (and ceramic blind baking beans), and found that the BT readings in an empty drum are useless for my perforated drum Huky 500.

Currently, simply because pre heating with white beans stinks and the ceramic blind baking beans get somehow stuck between the door and the drum, I preheat for 30 minutes using 1KPa, fan at normal setting chute closed. turn off heat when too hot, heat up when needed and charge at 270'C BT.

(using RTD's for BT and ET)

IMO the absolute number of the BT reading is not so important, as it is (way) off initially, consistency in the pre heat regimen and charge temp is important.
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There are lots of discussions of this at the old Huky Forum. Here's one example: ... l#msg13513