Huky Upgrade Thread (Probe, Motor & Fan Controls)

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#1: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Ok you are all like what the h*ll he doesn't have a Huky. But many of you do, and I thought it would be good to combine some knowledge in one place and maybe I will even create a reference document.

Thought this thread would be for those needing to replace a probe, add a PWM to the drum, or those looking to join Bruno Mars "Smoking out the Window" with a fan upgrade. Also for those not using Phidgets, it might be good to explain what meter or devices are being used. Please be as specific as possible with what you did and what parts you purchased.

Please help keep this thread concise and focused by not starting a deep discussion on a particular implementation. Please start a new thread for deep dives on an implementation.

I know little about what people have done with motor and fan controllers.

I'll start with the probes. I don't know what fittings came in the 8mm holes. I am guessing they holes are M8 x 1.25 coarse threads, but maybe they are M8 x 1. Does anyone know? If they are M8 x 1.25 you can buy probe adapters from Finglai. As discussed in the Probe Buying - RANT the issue is that means you need 3mm or 4mm probes or you have to use the 4mm adapters for 3.175 (1/8) probes if you are in the US and maybe use some aluminum foil to tighten things up.

The real issue is the NP fitting which is not the same as NPT. What is the original adapter for the Huky. You can buy replacement probes in 5mm from Finglai as well for 1/4 NP in K, J, or PT100 RTD. But I can't find them in 3mm so an adapter is needed.

NOTE: I have some adapters and probes on order from Finglai and will post about their quality and results after they arrive.

Final note - much is discussed in these two threads. I am hoping to collect a broader amount of knowledge in one place.

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And links from Steve in #8:
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#2: Post by hankua »

I checked a stock Huky thermocouple and the threads are M8 x 1.0; probably due the the thin sheet metal construction. At the same time checked the stock Huky thermometer and it's 1/4" not sure if it's BSPT or NPT. Fingali had not been responsive on listing the 1/4" PT x 3mm so I ordered some fittings from another supplier. I've got some M8 1.25 x 3mm fittings coming as well along with probes so we'll see what the quality is.

It would be worth trying to modify the M8 x 3mm fitting, drilling it out 1/8" and adding an 1/8' ferrule; if one has the 1/8" probes.

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CarefreeBuzzBuzz (original poster)

#3: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz (original poster) replying to hankua »

The 1/4 is NP - not NPT or BSPT. That is what makes it hard. I may try drilling the 3mm fitting out at some point. I ordered an extra.

I think if the Huky is M8 x 1 its going to be very hard to find probes other than 5mm that fit so some drilling or tapping is likely needed.
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#4: Post by hankua »

Getting an adaptor in M8 x 1.0 does not look to be a stock item so either re-tapping or enlarging the hole would be the easier route. An update on my alibaba search; had a reply from a suppler for 7cm by 3mm K-type and 7cm x 3mm PT100 three wire probes with M8 x 1.25 adaptors included. They do not sell these one by one, minimum sales quantities requested.

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#5: Post by Marcelnl »

seriously, drilling out the adapter and ferrule is a piece of cake. stick in a vice grip or vice, get a 3.2mm HSS drill some cutting pil (WD40 will do) and a cordless drill, that is all folks. Cannot remember if I drilled the ferrule separately but I think I did (not squeezing it too hard is the most difficult part and even that was easy)

My ET probe sits in some sort of brass adapter, not sure how or where I found it but probably at a regular hardware store amongst the plumbing stuff, the thread was not a great fit but good enough and it has not come loose yet (and it won't)
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#6: Post by pcofftenyo »

Did you have to manufacture a spot for the MET probe? Have ET and BT but not that one. Not near machine to look.

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#7: Post by Chert replying to pcofftenyo »

On order, we requested Mr Li to tap for MET, if I recall correctly. I think ET and BT is standard but MET is additional work.
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