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Hi all -

My introductory post comes with a question! (Lo and behold. Sure you get loads of those, judging from the threads I've pored through.)

My first question is about gas pressure. I'll start with my experience:

Current setup: (1) Based in the UK. (2) Using an 11kg Flogas propane bottle. (3) With a 37mbar regulator.

Experience: When I open the gas valve, the pressure as noted by the gauge connected to the Huky shows the needle just beyond 7kPa. I then toggle the gas valve (blue dial) on the Huky to get some gas flowing. Next, I ignite the flame using the black dial and keep it in the horizontal setting as instructed. Once this occurs, the pressure plummets and I can only get the pressure to climb back up to 2.6kPa at most.

Goal: I want to be able to toggle the pressure to a higher kPa (e.g. 5) so I can then step the gas down more similar to how Scott Rao suggests in his book Coffee Roasting. I've also read in various forums (the defunct Huky, and here) that having better gas flow will improve the resulting coffee output.

Challenge: I've been guided to find a '1 psi fixed' regulatory. I continue to search the mighty Google to find a solution, but I've drawn a blank so far. I'm struggling to find the correct regulator here in the UK. If anyone in the UK can link me to the regulator they're using, that would be fab. I idiotically purchased an adjustable regulator that allows for 500-4000mbar, which makes me think I'm turning the Huky into a rocket ship rather than using it for roasting. (That regulator will be posted back today!)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I don't know what's available in England but Showroom Coffee in New York has a "REPLACEMENT PROPANE GAS REGULATOR HOSE 8FT FOR HUKY 500 (69 MBAR / 27 W.C.)" which would give you 6.9 kPa. ($29.70 US dollars).


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I'm using a regulator capable of 4.5-5 KPa, check out caravan/camping gear sites to find a suitable regulator.
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greggakel (original poster)

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Cheers folks!

@okmed - I've been in touch with Taylor from Showroom. That's actually who I purchased the Huky from. He's been a massive support, but is unable to provide a solution for me at this point. I think we're battling the different country regulations.

@Marcelnl - Thanks for the tip. I did get my original regulator from my local camping shop, which is also where I purchased my bottle from.

At this point - I'm in contact with both the gas bottle company (Flogas) and then my friend who is a gas&heating engineer. They're chasing up solutions.

I've also been guided to possibly purchase a 50mbar regulator. I'm holding off on that purchase until I hear back from Flogas and my local engineer. If I go with the 50mbar solution, I'm concerned that I won't get the full 5kPa output. It's process of elimination right now. First troubleshooting the regulator. Then, if I get the correct regulator sourced, I'll roast a batch. If the gauge still displays lower than expected, then it may mean there's an issue with the actual gauge. That's one thing my engineer discussed with me. So, for now, waiting.

If I can't get a 5kPa output, will that detrimentally impact the roast results?


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You will IMO need the 5Kpa regulator, I did use a 3.5Kpa regulator and my roasting suffered to the point where max batch size was about 250g.
With a 50mbar=5KPa regulator I end up with 4,7 or so KPa and can race to dry end in under 4 minutes with a 400g Batch.
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Amazing. Thanks for confirming how the gas flow impacts the roast from your experience. Wicked helpful. Now onto find the regulator. I'll respond back with the solution so that it's here for good measure.


#7: Post by Marcelnl » ... lator.html

the URL makes you think it's a 37mBar version but the ad says it's not, it's 50mBar.
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Latest Update:

Continental-UK ('The gas equipment specialists' as their website states) is a company local to me. They recommend two options:

(1) 50mbar Regulator ( ... ne-low.../)


(2) 0 - 2 bar Regulator ( ... e-high.../). As the connection on the above is ¼" female, the gas & heating engineer would also need this fitting to then take him to 8mm hose (

So there's progress! I'll post the question here that I posted to the gas company (Continental-UK):

With the adjustable option, is there any concern that I'd set it to, say, 1bar on a Monday and when I go to use it on a Tuesday, the pressure has changed due to possible weather conditions? I want to be mindful that I'm not introducing any risk of damaging the IR stove should the pressure go higher than the manufacturer's recommended maximum output.

Other than that, it's a waiting game with the gas company to respond to my query. Then I decide on the best path forward, make the purchase, and test out the improvement.


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You set the output pressure of a variable pressure regulator so the pressure will/should not change with the weather...
There is a max pressure the Huky stove can take, I'm pretty sure it's not 2 Bar, please ask Mr Li what its max pressure is before trying.

I guess you'll never more than 50mBar
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Perfect. Thanks for confirming how the adjustable regulator works.

Per Showroom Coffee, who I purchased the machine through, they recommend a *fixed* regulator up to 1psi (~69mbar) where the *operational* pressure is 0.75psi (~51mbar). Mr Li also confirmed that the operating pressure should be 5kPa (~5mbar). So it looks as though I'll be solid if I get that adjustable one set correctly.

My local gas & heating engineer is working with me on this too. He will help set the pressure regulator and run some tests (magic?) to ensure it's set correctly. Lucky to live in a small village where he's right up the road!

I just want to get on with some solid roasting practice! Ha!

Thank you so much for your continued support and for sharing your experience/expertise! Really helps for a newbie like me :)