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Rickpatbrown wrote:Not sure if we should discuss this here, or the Wush thread but...

I was actually referring to the Wush as being "wacky". You're profile looks anything but wacky. It looks great. In particular, I notice that 1stC is at a normal temp (or at least same as your Colombia anearobic.

More specific to this thread ... this particular natural anearobic had a particularly late crack for me and a lot of others. This is one of the reasons I say the processing is rather extreme and can produce wildly different roasting requirements, depending on the parameters if the ferment.
Thanks so much! First crack was late for both the Wush and the Colombia (typical FC temps are 375-380). Part of the reasoning behind keeping the gas high longer than normal owes to the late cracking. Without sufficient heat in the first half of the roast, the RoR sinks painfully low by the time development arrives.


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Very interesting subject here! I've only started roasting anaerobics in the last several months, and I'd agree with at the end low heat (and I prefer high air at the end as well) I also have been roasting a Colombia Natural (produced by Rodrigo Paleaz/Tolima) for a couple years, that is very similar to these anaerobics. I suspect his naturals have a bit more ferment than some...
I currently also have the El Vergel Guava Banana, or Guava 25, and roasted a new profile this morning. *Fingers crossed*

A previous roast of the same coffee that was lacking balance and was slightly harsh

These are roasted on 2kg Dongyi that I'm still trying to get the air flow figured out on...

FWIW, I also have a very nice Anoxic Process Ethiopian that roasts very similar to this Colombia. I believe Anoxic uses water instead of CO2 during the later stages of the anaerobic process..? Does anyone here know more about this?

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+1 on the lower charge temp, less aggressive roasts with shorter 1c (1:30) and lower finish temps (202>208); 10 to 10:15 total roast time.