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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#21: Post by mkane »

You can roast the same coffee to the same temp every time and if the parameters are different the taste will be different for each one :wink:

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#22: Post by Marcelnl replying to mkane »

quite true, temp is definitley not the only variable that matters, I'm using a timed power step down approach to control the others and it seems to work quite nicely.
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#23: Post by Milligan »

I was going to chime in like mkane. I've found there isn't one end-all-be-all parameter for roasting. It is a dance of many variables within a window of values that defines a good roast. A long roast to the same drop temp as a short roast will be more developed/darker, for example.

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#24: Post by Jeff »

Coffee Collective shipped two roasts of the same green this month, same target color, but different profiles. They are definitely distinct in the cup, both as filter and espresso (I get their "filter" roasts.)