How to Plan the Last 3 minutes

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#1: Post by MarioAtJazz »

I am trying to Plan the roast of a Brasil Dolce Cerrado and a Sumatra Mandheling.
I want to roast Both Near the Start of the second Crack or some seconds into.
My Plan is as Follows:
First Crack Starts at 203 degree Celsius
last stage should take at most 200 seconds
i expect the second crack at 224 degree celsius
if i plan to reach 230 to 232 degree celsius at 200 seconds
i should reach 224 degree celsius just in time.

i expect an italian roast on a quest m3s.

i have a ROR of about 11 degree celsius in the maillard phase
but not sure about the ROR in the last stage for an italian roast
without having a bitter taste.

Thx for any advice, Mario

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#2: Post by Nunas »

I almost always roast to just before 2Cs; I did this in my M3, and now in my M6. I generally charge to near capacity, about 500 grams in the M6, around half that in the M3. My time to dry (150 C) is about four minutes. I shoot for about six minutes from there to 1Cs, to allow for more development. I do this by increasing the fan and cutting the heat somewhat. Towards the end of 1C, I cut the heat back farther, so that the ROR flattens out for the last minute or so, without going negative. I do this so that the beans will be evenly roasted throughout. With judicious timing, I can achieve about four minutes from 1C to drop. So, my overall time is about 14 minutes.