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Randy G.

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I am the one who normally answers questions such as this, but I have a customer asking about a Hottop model that has me, to say the least, confused.
It is clearly marked, on the control panel as "KN-8828E". The models here in the states have been the original KN-8828 and from memory, the following have been added to that: D, B, P, B-2 P-2 B-2K, P-2K, and B-2K+, and B-K and P-K are possible as customer updates as well but not factory models. Some have even had the model designation on the control panels and bottom labels marked incorrectly during model changeovers.

In the US over my long relationship with Hottop I have seen, owned, and used every model sold in the US, and even had possession of one that never even went into production. I did a search and found one mention of the "E" model that was no more then that- a mention.. The control panel of the roaster in question looks exactly like the "P" but I have a photo from the customer and it is clearly marked on the control panel as an "E."

From our European members here on HB, could that be the designation for the current(?) 220v. "P" model?
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