Hottop 8828B2K TC4+HTC Fan Issue

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So I recently updated my Artisan software to 2.8 (possibly irrelevant or not). I tried the Hottop->TCH preset in Artisan which didn't work and I believe I went back to the settings that have worked for me for years. I did a few roasts and realized the fan wasn't working right.
I don't know whether it has anything to do with the update.

Specifically, I noticed that the fan would only start spinning if I set it to about 40-45% power or higher. Once it was spinning, I could lower it down as low as 5%. My original fan died a year or 2 ago & I replaced it with a non-spec and I figured it was dying.

I ordered a replacement fan from hottop & installed it today. The results are a little bit variable but in general I have to go to 30 or 35% Fan Power in Artisan to get the fan to start spinning and then can lower it even down to 5%. Not a huge deal. I just set an alarm to start at 35% at TP then 3 seconds later go to 5% but I'm trying to figure out what's going on.

I'm using the DCFAN{} command in my set up and since it is controlling the fan I assume it all must be configured correctly.
Any thoughts?

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I also haven't updated my TC4 firmware ever (I think). If anyone can lead me to info for that it would be appreciated.
It seems like some of the links I find are no longer valid.

Also, since I know nothing about Arduino sketches, etc, etc, I want to make sure I don't brick anything.

I read somewhere that a firmware upgrade could help with fan start-ups.

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BarryR wrote:So I recently updated my Artisan software to 2.8 (possibly irrelevant or not).
There was no change on the Artisan regarding the TC4 communication and setup for years.

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Thanks Marko,
I figured the Artisan update was a coincidence.

Any idea how I'd look into the firmware update issues?
Jim's email at Pidkits is no longer valid.

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I had the same Hottop setup as you before I got the ARC 800, except I was using RoastLogger software. After replacing the fan with a generic computer fan I experienced the same thing. I ran it like that (start it on high and then lower the speed) for years without issue.

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Thanks. It now has an OEM fan though though I'm puzzled though my current solution is good enough.

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My guess is that the latest OEM fans are just a purchase from a generic computer fan manufacturer with the exact wire length and matching connectors required for the Hottop. If that is the case then today's batch may be of a slightly lesser bearing quality or a slightly stickier lubricant. Other than the annoying change in the startup procedure, I doubt it will have much of an effect on the fans longevity. Just my opinion of course.

P.S. Keeping the fan clean of bean dust and oil will obviously help with longevity.