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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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dyno wrote:cuz it's the natural progression for espresso OCD
Wasn't in my case... I simply grew tired of the overpriced garbage 99.999% of commercial roasters were spewing out. Now I roast exactly what I want, when I need it and saving 40-50% in the process. Don't miss buying any commercially roasted offerings one bit.

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Sounds like espresso OCD tbh

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IMBHO espresso OCD would be along the lines of using a scale accurate to the .01 gram...using a scale on the drip tray to hit an expected ratio... spritzing the beans to minimize static .00001%... formulating water because you're convinced that's the proper way... having multiple grinders, burr sets, etc... that sort of behavior would be OCD for most people and I damn sure don't go nearly that far.

I roast for the same reason I will never have espresso away from home again. Never been to a single shop that was worth a repeat visit and none came remotely close to what I roast/extract at home. Suppose because I choose what I cook at home over most any restaurant I have been to would be considered cooking/sanitation OCD.

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Altair wrote:A few days ago someone here suggested I roast at home instead of looking for consistent roasters, while I do appreciate the advice and passion, my immediate thought is that it adds a level of complexity unnecessarily, as I am unlikely to reach the level of competence an experienced roaster would.

I was curious though, and have been reading up and checking the threads here and elsewhere. Seems there is a world within a world when it comes to roasting. My question to the members of this forum, why do you do it? Is it to obtain a higher quality end product? For the fun of it? Cost? Something else?

Interested in hearing the rational behind each person's investment in time and mine in home roasting.
I roast for more control over the end product. When I started I often had a difficult time matching the style I wanted or roasters not taking enough care in their product. The demand for different styles/quality has increased and roasters have improved a lot but I felt at the time when I started (10 years ago) I could do better myself. It is indeed a world within a world and it did take some time before I felt I could do better than 'x' random roaster, since I've invested in the time to learn and the equipment it still makes sense for me but I still buy from roasters and often cup them together to keep myself in check with current trends and standards