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i just started my first artisan enabled roast with my cormorant

the graph was all over the place.. and didnt correspond to the temps ion which i dropped and pulled. i installed the phidget driver and selected it in the menu on artisan. but my readout seems very different from what i saw with my own eyes.. i charged the drum to 375F and dropped the beans and had first crack at around 398F pulling at 408F but my readout does not show this at all... is something wrong with my setup?

any help would be appreciated

Squeezin' Beans

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I don't have the program, but I only see two lines corresponding to the temperature change over time, which is the units on the right side of the graph. Could there be a checkbox to display direct temp measurements as opposed to the change in temp over time?

Becausethewind (original poster)

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when i closed out the program and reopened the graph now displays these new lines which weren't represented before ... this is more in line with what i recorded. I am still not quite understanding the blue curve being so under.

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looks like your red line should be assigned to BT, not the green line


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I think you have the ET and BT probes backwards. you should shoot for 5 minute dry time. (I set mine at 310F as color is such a subjective parameter. the blue is delta b or rate of rise, the yellow is delta e or rate of rise environmental temp


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As has been said: It looks like your green line should be ET, your red line should be BT, and your blue line Delta BT/ROR.

You might find the help you need here:

Becausethewind (original poster)

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ok so i swapped bt et .. is this looking more accurate.. im gonna do a deep dive on the artisan website before i ask anymore questions.