Heatgun/Dogbowl: Still at it

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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Approaching 20 years of roasting. Continuing to get better at it, but who knows? Haven't posted much recently because I've pretty much said all I have to say.

But wait----here's something worth mentioning. I've used only one heatgun for most of that time: a Makita 1100 (now discontinued). Always a little frustrating reading others' experiences who have seen HG/DB as an econo entry into home roasting--often using a home depot paint department hg costing under $40.

Well, after a few years of lengthening roast times--roughly 12 min to 15 min along with suffering noises (the hg, not me), I bought a new one: Makita HG6530--about $130. So I upgraded from something that worked OK, to a professional tool that is nearly vibration free, quiet, and very very hot.