Has anyone decaffeinated their own coffee beans?

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I am doing my first research regarding home roasting, and my search success for DIY decaffeination has been very limited so far. I have found this forum helpful before, so I thought what would be a better place to ask such an obscure question.

It appears the method that might have success at home is the Swiss Water method. In short it uses diffusion to remove caffeine from green coffee beans by having a batch of green coffee in a previously boiled earlier batch of green coffee water solution being filtered through activated carbon, only extracting the large caffeine particles and keeping the flavor intact.

Assuming the activated carbon used in this process works the same way as any activated carbon, this could be plausible at home. The lack of evidence of anyone doing this makes it seem suspiciously improbable or impractical. What are your thoughts?


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I am not sure if caffeine when dissolved has larger and smaller particles...

Once upon a timeI have extracted Caffein in the lab, but that involved organic chemicals to dissolve it...splitting headaches were one of the results but the yield was like 95% or so from instant coffee (hig Caffein Robusta likely).

Guess this is the best process NOT involving potentially dangerous chemicals ;-)
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I've done it once after brewing.

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