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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#2372: Post by Chert »

mkane wrote:

does that stuff pop in unison in first crack? I think it was the Coffee Roasting Navigated podcast where I heard a coffee roaster describing that gesha pops peculiarly narrow.
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#2373: Post by mkane »

Not in this instance. It was still popping when it was dropped. I'm going to let this one rest for a bit
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#2374: Post by ShotClock »

Fantastic Ethiopian natural available at Showroom currently: Bekele Utute, Kokose.

Roasted to ~15F past FC (air roaster) gives me fantastic sweetness, grapefruit acidity and pineapple on the finish. Not sure how it will work for espresso, but it makes a superb pour-over.

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#2375: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Haven't seen people talk about PrimeGreenCoffee in a while.

Just bought some Kenyan Peaberry and Panama from them.

Jim is selective in his offerings.
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#2376: Post by antopoftheworld »

Anyone buy anything good lately? Searching for 2 beans to source for 30kg each.

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#2377: Post by mgrayson replying to antopoftheworld »

Sweet Marias has Polar Express-o back in stock. I didn't see any last year and it was one of my favorite blends from the year before.

(I have to misspell the coffee as HB will not allow that misspelling of espresso!)

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#2378: Post by TimEggers »

Legend_217 wrote:SW Ethiopia Dry Process Buno Dambi Uddo is back again this year. Last year batch was so good I used all 10lbs within few months. If my memory serves me right, it is one of the fruitiest ethiopian coffee that I ever taste. I would describe it as "fruit punch" of coffee.It pairs really well with Monolith Max. Also just a head up, if you like traditional thick, syrupy shot then this coffee isn't for you ... -7390.html
SM Ethiopia Dry Process Buno Dambi Uddo

This delicious coffee is back this year, and I am really enjoying it (brewed).

Roasted to Full City in my RK Drum roaster (1lb batch green weight); 1st crack at 9:30, dumped at 12:00 as the roasting smoke intensified in amount and intensity (no 2nd crack at all) as I smell the aroma directly from the vent in the grill.

Brewing via my press using Jim Hoffmann's Press Method (0.07g of coffee to 1g of water, is my preference), medium coarse grind (Mazzer Super Jolly).

The wetted coffee bed has nutty and floral notes, slight roasty caramel notes, very pleasant.

At first pour (nearly too hot to drink) the cup presents with a floral berry aroma, upfront is bittersweet dark chocolate with a dark berry midrange note. As the cup cools the dark chocolate holds strong as the dark berry begins to turn to a berry jam. At my preferred drinking temperature the cup balances with a juicy dark berry wine over a wonderful dark chocolate. As the cup cools even more the dark chocolate softens to a sweeter (but not quite milk) chocolate note (still quite forward) and sweet berry jam.

I roasted another batch a bit slower and the acidity was muted and the overall cup sweetened with creamy chocolate and a subtle hint of floral cranberry-like finish.

Overall this coffee has been, in my opinion absolutely exceptional, and a great example of why I often enjoy powerful natural coffees. If you enjoy fruited chocolate naturals, this one is highly recommended.
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#2379: Post by jlehet »

Pure luck. I haven't been buying greens or looking at offerings, using up current stock. But for some reason I went to SW, looked, and bought 5 lbs of Ethiopia Dry Process Buno Dambi Uddo. After I ordered I had regret: "Oh man, I don't need more coffee, and this probably isn't as good as they describe."

Glad to hear it's great! I haven't tried it, instead trying some of the Rwandas I got in the order in smaller quantities, in case they are great and I want to order more while they still have them.

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#2380: Post by wingnutsglory »

I picked some up. I'm super curious to see how well the SM description holds. Sounds promising from the description above.