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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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LBIespresso wrote:Uhg, 1 pound limit. So I either blow it and hate myself or I nail it and cry that I only have 1 pound....sorry, haven't had my coffee yet today.
I think you can order more than one pound. It's just that they are selling it in one pound bags.

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Boldjava wrote:These are great notes and reflect how you pay attention to the cup.
My keen palate probably has more to do with my restricted dietary regime as opposed to any special talent ;)

I just did a lighter roast of the Panama Elida Catuai Natural ASD, hitting 1st Crack almost minute earlier than normal - at 5:30-5:40 minutes instead of the usual 6:20-6:40 - therefore I ended the roast at 8 min instead of 9. Purely accidental - I was exhausted and spaced out on the approach to FC.

Despite my fears of an underdeveloped cup, the coffee was excellent. More emphasis on candied apple notes with fresh black grapes opposed to jam, red and black cherries. Fruits are fresh as opposed to being a dark rich cooked jam. No currants or tobacco. The acidity is more pronounced but still balanced - like tart sweet red cherries. I did not get the elderberry wine - but there was still a subtle ASD presence. Good depth and body - but not as deep or brooding as the longer roast - but very juicy with a delightful red cherry sweet tart note.

Overall a rather delightful mistake and a reminder that I really should try out different roasting approaches -throwing caution to the wind. I tend to be a little too conservative in my roasting experiments - making only modest adjustments to the parameters. For example I might try adjusting the time FC is reached - but only by 30 seconds instead of something more radical. The result is often only a separation of degrees so to speak, between roasts -rather than discovering an entirely different range of flavors as was the case today.


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mpdeem wrote:I just did a lighter roast of the Panama Elida Catuai Natural ASD...
Since you are said to have a pretty good coffee tasting palate, I wonder what opinions you have about brewing a just-roasted coffee. I am often anxious to see what a coffee tastes like after I roast it and I will sometimes make a shot of espresso (and less frequently brew a drip coffee) right after roasting. Conventional wisdom says to wait a few days after roasting to taste the coffee. I don't really notice that much difference between trying it right away and waiting a few days. Do you taste much difference between just out of the roaster and coffee that has matured for a few days?


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mgrayson wrote:Caught up by the excitement, I ordered 5 lbs each of the Panama Elida Catuai Natural in both regular and ASD. My first tastes suggest that the natural natural will be one of my favorite coffees ever (fruit and spice), but the ASD has that dark beer overtone that I've found troubling in other Anaerobic coffees. (NOTHING as bad as the Klatch). These were both espressos with the ground coffee let to sit for 30 minutes or so to let the CO2 out, so may be wildly unrepresentative. I'll try the ASD as drip (well, vacuum siphon - I can't resist a good coffee gadget) and give them both more resting time. Roasts were about 75% of the way from 1st to 2nd crack, with a slower application of heat for the naturalness. (9:30 on an Ikawa Pro100, ending 221C)
Maybe try reaching First Crack earlier, ending the roast slightly earlier?

I just did a shorter 8 minute roast, reaching FC a minute earlier than normal at 5:30-5:40 minutes instead of the usual 6:20-6:40 mark. (it was an accident really). The resulting coffee had less ASD types notes (elderberry wine to my taste) and more candied apple and cherry juice type notes. You could still taste it was an ASD -but there seemed to be less process influence. I roast using a modified air popper -and based on your roast time, I am guessing my roast parameters are not too different from yours.

Maybe try giving the roast more time to rest? I have not yet tried letting this one rest (end up drinking the entire roast within 1-2 days of roasting. Hopefully more experienced (and patient members) can offer some suggestions.

I tend to have a love hate relationship with anaerobic process coffees, being sensitive to the fermented notes and alcohol like 'heat'. Even well processed coffees sometimes have too much ferment influence for my taste. Hope you find a roast and/or brewing method that makes this coffee more suited to your taste :)

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Thank you for the advice. I'll try a shorter roast. I did let the last one rest for a week and the taste was very similar to the first day (ground and then degassed for an hour). I may just be overly sensitive to anything that reminds me of beer. I can't touch alcohol anymore and the smell makes me ill. But given how much I like the non-ASD, it's certainly worth trying to get the best from these beans.

Later: I shortened the roast rather drastically and it's much more to my tastes. Instead of 9:30 to 221C (EspressoVision 15), I did 6:30 to 214C, (EV 20). This is just post-roast with a 30 minute rest after grinding. I can see this being a great pour-over. I'll siphon some when the caffeine rush subsides.

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Folks, preferably take roasting chats outside of this thread.
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Panama Esmeralda Private Collection Geisha Natural - Roastmasters. Sweet tart cherries, orange juice, orange blossom, purple fig jam, candied lemon, savory almost tobacco like note. A lovely natural showing lovely restraint -not over the top - fruits are balanced by intense citrus sour note. Almost tastes like a combination of natural and washed. There is Jasmine floral aroma when coffee is ground but in cup I get more of an orange blossom note -although the fruit flavors might be masking the 'green type floral note' I associate with jasmine.

I have not had the Natural version of the Panama Esmeralda Private Collection in a few years, only the washed. This is an elegant natural gesha with incredible balance. The fruits are not overly dominant or over the top, rather slowly unfolding alongside the floral and savory notes, slowly gaining strength as the coffee cools. Highly recommended.


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mpdeem wrote:I just finished my first roast of the Panama Elida Catuai Natural ASD - it is fantastic. Roastmaster's description is spot currant, candied apples. I also get black grapes, elderberry jam, and a hint of sweet tobacco. Deep and complex yet enough acid to balance out all those dark sweet fruits. The ASD processing is beautifully done, adding a little extra intensity to the fruit profile - but more like a rich fruit compote with a dash of elderberry wine. I ordered some more despite my measley budget - could not pass this up.

I would love to hear your feedback on this. If you love the regular Natural Process, I think you will love this.

I was inspired to get the Costa Rica Don Mayo Natural ASD:
Will report back once it comes in.
I finally got around to roasting my first batch of the Panama Elida ASD - took it a bit darker than I normally do but love the results - tart cherry is predominant for me but certainly pick up black currant as well. I can't say my palate is sensitive enough to pick other flavors listed in the description, but either way, I'm certainly enjoying the roast!


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Klatch is having a St Patrick's day green sale.
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Now what to get? Thinking about the Brazil Diamond for blends.