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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#2251: Post by drgary »

I'm liking the coffees I'm seeing on the Showroom site but have to work my way through some greens first. Thanks to these posts I've signed up for their introductory discount.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


#2252: Post by Strifer »

Just got an email notification for Panama Elida Estate Catuai Natural from Roastmasters. I know many of us enjoyed this one.

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#2253: Post by mpdeem replying to Strifer »

Looks like they just added the ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry) version as well

I have always enjoyed the sweet blueberry profile of the Natural so am curious how the ASD version will compare. The description of candied apples and currants sounds right up my alley.

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#2254: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz replying to mpdeem »

If anyone orders from Roastmasters please do Artisan a favor and ask them to join the Collaboration so that we all can access the green data with a click and you can get a once year discount. Just email them after the order please.
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#2255: Post by mpdeem replying to CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Will do on my next order...might be a week or two.

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#2256: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Curious what people think of Decaf these days. I think it's way better than it used to be and Royal just released this Crown Jewel. A very nice price for decaf.
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#2257: Post by Chert »

mpdeem wrote:Sweet Maria's just more Flores Dry Process Bei Poso Village. The previous offering (a month or so ago) was excellent. Hard to describes...salmon berry & semi sweet fig fruit leather combined with a wonderful citrus type acidity.

Another recommendation for Sagebrush's Papua New Guinea Kagamuga Natural. Very sweet with berries, fruit hard candies, and bubblegum against unsweetened coco powder. Very clean and with deep body yet delicate at the same time. I stocked up on this one.
I don't know if you mentioned this elsewhere. Thanks though. Longest first crack I can recall.
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#2258: Post by positivelypositiv »

I love Decafs. Started out with SWP's but I am really into EA's right now. This one is from Mexico, which is really neat because most EA coffees are from Colombia. The price is super good too. I'd be down to buy 5 lbs of it if anyone decides to pick one up.
CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:Curious what people think of Decaf these days. I think it's way better than it used to be and Royal just released this Crown Jewel. A very nice price for decaf.

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#2259: Post by mpdeem »

Thanks for posting your roast profile. I have not posted a review elsewhere so will share a few more impressions of Sagebrush's PNG here.

Long first crack - as you mentioned, the first crack is loooong. I was still getting a few pops when I pulled the roast 2.5 minutes later. Having said that, I find longer roasts (with longer post 1st crack development time) lose some of the brighter fruit I would rather end at my standard time then try and wait until the beans stopped popping.

Heat conductivity - the beans seem to generate a lot of heat entering FC, as a result more prone to tipping. I had to decrease the volume of beans slightly to avoid tipping. I usually hand stir my beans during the first half of the roast and have noticed the PNG seem to become dense and sticky approaching FC. Literally feels like the beans gain moisture over the first half of the roast -then lose it during the development/post FC phase.

Oils - even my lighter city+ roasts developed a shiny oily coating after a few days rest. I have found this happens with some naturals and anaerobic processed coffees.

Flavors - I have been trying lighter roasts lately - getting more bright fruit notes with lots of raspberries and blackberries, intensely sweet like Jolly Rancher hard candies but balanced with a raspberry citric tartness. Very clean for a PNG without the typical coconut milk scrim I get usually get from coffees of that origin. Coco dusting less apparent at lightest roasts. Overall I slightly prefer my darker city ++ roast over the light city roast because the former offers deeper more complex stewed fruits and a litle more sweetness.

Would love to hear what flavors you got -especially since your roast is much lighter than mine...along with other details.


#2260: Post by Milligan replying to mpdeem »

Absolutely what you said about long first cracks. The fruit disappears on ones that have a lazy FC (not this bean in particular.) It can be quite striking, like a totally different bean. Looking at Chert's it looks like the roast stalled before FC which can cause a long, lazy FC and, ultimately, a baked roast.

Curious to hear Chert's notes on that roast. Was it bright and flavorful?