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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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Not having tried previous versions of the Colombia Pink Bourbon nor the Ethiopia Wush Wush, my comments will probably not be as helpful.

GC7's comments rare spot on, especially in regards to a lack of definition. I really struggled to figure out what type of fruits I was tasting. The flavors seems to be a bit muddled, resembiing a cooked fruit stew as opposed to tasting each individual fruit. I did not pick up any fermented dry process type notes. There is a pleasing savory grain note that like the fruit, I struggle to identify, which adds a nice contrast. Overall I really like this coffee, probably one of nicest more striking Colombians that I have had in the last couple of years. Have already stocked up on more.


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Just got this natural Kenya Mchana in the mail, curious if anyone else has tried it? ... ral-mchana

I tried a couple earlier this year roasted but haven't gotten my hands on any dry processed kenyan green coffee before, excited to see how it turns out.


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Did Royal stop selling 1lb bags? When I filter by that option it says no items available. :-(

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To my recollection, it's an intermittent thing, and only on certain greens.
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GC7 wrote:One of my most important chores every morning is to see to it that Jane gets pleasure from a comforting flat white to start the day. It's not too difficult to choose a good Brazil and pair it with some Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia or Guatemalan in tasty ratios.

Lately, the Brazil Legender that I recommended has really shined. I've combined it with separately light roasted Ethiopia Hambela Goro or SIdama Bombe and the flat whites have been stellar. I'm considering more Legender or a new single farm Legender available at Roastmasters. Both would serve the purpose very well. Then, I saw this! Another Royal Crown Jewel.


I am taken with the notes that almost pin the sweetness chart to the limit. Then, "While it's rife with the caramelized sugars typical of this region, the notes are all more refined: think sweet walnut, maple syrup, and cinnamon. The sweetness is intense and ranges from golden raisin to creamy ripe banana. In fact, the coffee is so sweet and has such a pleasant mouthfeel that the suggestion of vanilla bean soft serve is almost inescapable. Still, it's a surprisingly elegant coffee with details like fig, sweet sesame, and amaretto. Like most Brazil's, it's sure to sing on espresso but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a pour-over, and our baristas found that it held up exceptionally well in more aggressive, full immersion extractions too"

This might be the ultimate comfort blender with a fudge/chocolate partner. I am torn.
I've been roasting this for a few weeks - mostly medium (never sure what an EspressoVision 20 translates into in the City -> Full City spectrum). Anyway, pulled 18g in 18g out, 39 seconds. Indistinguishable from a very lightly sweetened hot chocolate. Very sweet for espresso. I'd always thought "chocolate bomb" was figurative. Now I see that it can be literal. I'm sure I'm missing a large number of subtle flavors, as it tastes like hot chocolate from Jacques Torres. Experiment and learn!
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vecchi della seattle wrote:Nice call on this one. I just poured an SO espresso shot. Solid chocolate base with a lot of different flavor tones. I roasted to Vienna on a Dash popcorn popper, 1 minute into 2nd crack, weight loss of 17%.
Looks like the Rwanda Natural Huye is back in stock at Burman's...just ordered some.

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The Alliance for Coffee Excellence has a few auctions they sponsor that are not part of the Cup of Excellence and National auctions (for which membership is required to buy samples.)

I have purchased a set of samples for the upcoming Nicaragua women producers private collection auction, Super Mujeres 2022. Maybe other home roasters would be interested in roasting 200g samples and cupping through a set of 85-87.7 point coffees. See link to read more and purchase sample set.

Mine haven't arrive yet, but I am looking forward.

Also PM me if you would like to have me ship roasted samples to you - assuming they arrive in time for a meaningful assessment prior to auction. Vetting auction samples is interesting and fun. Also it could be great to support the producers and auction by landing and distributing a gem.
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These Ecuador beans sound amazing. I will post in the exchange thread to see if anyone is interested in splitting a Jewel.


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TomC wrote:Sweet Maria's found one reserve stash (like 50 pounds) of this high scoring Kenya Kirinyaga Peaberry that I missed in January/February. It originally sold out in half a day. I didn't miss it this time.

Besides it, there's only one more Kenyan coming to them this year. ... -6879.html
Tom, Thanks for this heads-up back then. I grabbed 10#. I just saw this in the SM "Just Added" e-mail. Seems it ... -7221.html is a new arrival and based on Tom's (Sweet Maria's) description I bought some.

Also, don't forget Craig's post for the SM discount code "FLAIR-ROAST"Sweet Maria's 15% off Greens for June in partnership with Flair Espresso [VIDEO] -LN

Note that I bought some before posting this.

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Shout out to Roastmaster's Guatemala El Socoro y Anexos Java; a Java cultivar from the well known Guatemalan boutique farm.

If you ever wondered why coffee is also know as Java; a cup, or better yet a shot of this will enlighten you. When you dream of coffee, this is what it tastes like, heavy bodied, cola and chocolate notes, and a hint of Slivovitz in the finish. One sided on its own, but if you need the ultimate coffee power woofer, this one is it. Klatch's Mutu Batak is also a superb Indo, but much more for single origin use, having a lot of high notes. If you need to turn your Ethiopian fruit bowl into a balanced shot of coffee, the Socoro y Anexos Java cultivar is the ticket.
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