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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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20INT for 20% off greens at Klatch today -- not sure what's good there right now, outside that one really intense Wush Wush and the nice EA Inza Decaf.

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Yes anyone with Klatch inventory that they love right now, please advise us.

Was looking at these:
Guatemala Los Santos
chocolate - cola - macadamia

Honduras Marcala Natural
strawberry - lemon - chocolate

Nicaragua La Bastilla Buena Vista Obata Washed
chocolate - caramel - honeycrisp apple

Organic Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain Natural
citrus - strawberry - chocolate

Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry
tangerine - cranberry - apricot
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I like the Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango Guaya'b.
caramel - lemon-lime - sweet tea

It's a clean cup, and it's sweet. The caramel goes to chocolate with enough development. It's easy to roast at all levels. I just ordered 10 more lbs., along with 2 lbs. of the Ethiopia Super Wush just to see what the excitement's about.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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I called your 10# of the Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango Guaya'b but didn't raise your Wush Wush. Thanks for the recommendation, Gary.

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SM just posted a close relative to one of my personal top coffees of 2021, another Kenya Nyeri Peaberry. See below for more info. Thinking it won't last long! ... -6884.html

Roasting approach to a Kenyan Peaberry

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I think there's enough consistent, valuable input from the HB membership regarding the Greens Alert thread that it really deserves to be pinned to the top for the time being for easy visibility. It's the first place I look, and most others, when it comes to sharing our thoughts and comments about great green coffee.

I'll pin it for a while so it stays at the top, and watch to see how you all engage/react/like/dislike it. If it somehow proves to not be popular, we can un-pin it and move on. But a worthwhile test for a week or so.


Greens Alert is the greatest thread on all of HB of all time :lol: Prove me wrong! We tend to live in a siloed conversation, But I've pinned this thread to the top for a bit over 2 weeks. If it makes it more useful to the end users like yourselves, please share your input. Or of course, good or bad, we want to know. But I do think that the majority of us want a consolidated area of focus to see what's the best green coffee landing on our shores, without having to jump thru hoops.

Lemme know if I can help make it better.
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#2018: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

NOT the same pinup as my youth (Farrah Fawcett) but way more valuable. Please pin it.
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#2019: Post by olutheros »

this natural bookkisa at sweetmaria's is their highest-rated natural so far this year, might be of interest to some folks here: ... -6972.html
The coffee smells amazing, and thankfully, it tastes amazing too! City roasts are heavily weighted in fruited flavor notes with an underlying sweetness that has pectin-like, fruit jam qualities in light roasts, and moving into chocolate bittersweetness underneath with more roast development. There's a lot going on in the cup profile, and naming some of the flavors that stood out to me, like strawberry preserves, blueberry, dried pineapple slices, and blackstrap molasses, only scratches the surface. The finish has pleasing bittersweetness that's like a hot cocoa drink. We noted some uneven roast coloring (not quakers, and not uncommon for dry process coffee), but it wasn't super pronounced at City+, which was our favorite roast level. City works too, but expect a few lighter tan-colored beans.

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#2020: Post by Boldjava »

CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:NOT the same pinup as my youth (Farrah Fawcett) but way more valuable. Please pin it.
Boy, I didn't think you were that old (wide grin). Dad was a truck mechanic and I used to love to visit the garage as a kid for the calendars. One word from my Dad, "You didn't see these when you talk to your mom..."

Tom, good placement for the thread. The visits and posts over the years are confirmation.
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