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#2001: Post by wingnutsglory »

another_jim wrote:I meant you should have waited to buy it. No clue at all what the second sentence means.
A few posts back, I mentioned that FC was at an unusually high temp for me with Wush compared to most other roasts. Another had commented that they observed the same. I was just asking if that was your experience also.

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#2002: Post by another_jim »

I don't really pay attention to the timing. I start my final phase timing when my BT sensor hits 375F. The first crack can start between 380F to 395F. I've stopped worrying about it. I go between 3 to 4 minutes from 375F, depending on how dark I want to go, regardless of the first crack acoustics

Sniffing the super heated steam is great for telling how good the coffee is; but I've never gotten much noting when or how loud, how long, etc, the first crack runs.
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#2003: Post by jlehet »

I did my first roast of the Wush on 9/13, and I was afraid I had messed it up. It stopped absorbing heat during 1c as much as most other coffees do, so the ROR bounced up rather more than I was expecting. With the specter of Scott Rao shaking a finger at me from the corner of the kitchen, I was thinking, "baked." The roast was also longer than I had hoped, as I was treating it pretty gently. It seemed like 1c went on for a long long time, but when I look at the saved roast I see it was 17%. I dropped it while still cracking. I charged it much lower temp than I usually do: 340 BT on my hottop, and the roast took almost 13 minutes.

4 days rest, and it's great. While hot all I got was "complex, fruity" but after it cooled a little bit I got "Watermelon!" and floral. Really mostly watermelon. I wasted a cup of it giving it to my wife during her zoom workout, so she just got "complex" with that one. But when I suggested she might find watermelon and gave her a sip of my cool cup she said, "Oh my god! Watermelon!"

Now that it's really cold I do get that crazy floral, like perfume.

Maybe if I "baked" it a little that was a good thing! This coffee still has so much flavor.

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#2004: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

jlehet wrote:.....but when I look at the saved roast I see it was 17%. I dropped it while still cracking.
Are you using Artisan? If you follow the instructions on Phases LCD All you can see time past FCs and the % as you go. To me this was one of the most important changes we made in the past few years and now the profile shows the degrees and avg ROR after FCs. Also this is in the data for export in a Roast Report which I use to make roast cards to have with my coffee so as I am drinking it over the next few weeks I can glance and know about the roast. That helps me plan for next time.
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#2005: Post by jlehet »

Yes, using Artisan, and I often pay attention to % roast for 1C. But for this roast I was going more by intention: I was planning to drop just at the end of 1c, whenever that was. But then as it was I just had a feeling I should drop while it was still cracking -- which I think was a good intuition in this case.

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#2006: Post by wingnutsglory »

Yeah, I've now roasted it three times (third time due to the mason jar crashing to our granite in your grounds, anyone? :lol: ), and it's a tricky one for me. I'm hopeful the third time through.

FC actually starts slowly about 20degF lower than any other beans I've roasted, but doesn't really get rolling until at least 20degF higher than most other beans would. At that point, some are getting pretty scorched and some are still developing. So, it's pretty much the most uneven roast ever for me.

Again, fingers crossed for the third time through.

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#2007: Post by bicktrav »

Okay, I just roasted Roastmasters' "Refreshing" version of the Wush Wush. It makes for an interesting comparison to Klatch's "Super" version of the same coffee. As advertised, Roastmasters' Wush is decidedly milder and pretty wonderful. I don't get those wild umami, fermented notes. Instead, the big notes I pick up are orange marmalade, port, and semi-sweet chocolate. Compared to any other coffee, it'd be a flavor-packed brew, but compared to Klatch's "Super" Wush, it's a step-down in intensity. If you find the Klatch version overbearing, it's a great option. I'm sure several people will prefer it.

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#2008: Post by Rickpatbrown »

Royal just released an inexpensive Gesha ($15/l ) ... 9c00aef023

Curious, since Crown Jewels have generally impressed me. I have not been impressed with most Geshas considering their prices (or dont know how to roast them).

This looks like a pretty low risk venture, if people want to split. Look in the coffee exchange if you are interested.