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#1961: Post by wingnutsglory »

Here are a couple that I picked up from Klatch during their recent free shipping offer. The Kayon appears to also be available from Happy Mug currently as well. Unclear if it's the same exactly.

Guatemala Las Flores Natural - this one really reminds me of Panama Elida Nat from last summer except maybe fruitier. I'm not sure what the deal was with my roast, but FC was really late/hot and I've got some beans that are City+ in development/color but pretty oily at day 5...never seen that. I'll have to try again soon. ... es-natural

Green-Unroasted Organic Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain Natural
This one was a delight to roast but needs to rest...nothing too special at day 3. ... in-natural

I wish they'd had this one available when I ordered...
Green-Unroasted Ethiopia Super Wush Natural: "Flavor notes of chocolate, intense blueberry and a basil finish." ... sh-natural


#1962: Post by olutheros »

wingnutsglory wrote: I wish they'd had this one available when I ordered...
Green-Unroasted Ethiopia Super Wush Natural: "Flavor notes of chocolate, intense blueberry and a basil finish." ... sh-natural
was looking at this yesterday, looks interesting -- roastmaster's also has a 96 hour anaerobic version of the same bean, described as "Aromas of toast and jam, and sweet wine. Flavors of preserved lemons, bittersweet chocolate, and orange" for about $10/lb

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#1963: Post by Peppersass »

The Guji Kayon Mountain is great. Easy to roast and tastes great. Yes, it needs to rest at least 5 days, and 10 is better if you roast it light.

Blueberry, yes. But Basil? That sounds like an under-developed roast to me...


#1964: Post by barqy »

Klatch just dropped their Panama Abu Natural Geisha - 1 lb being close to $60!
I don't have the skillset to roast such a $ coffee, but perhaps someone might! ... ral-geisha

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#1965: Post by baldheadracing » replying to barqy »

Thanks for the heads-up.

One approach is to do a cupping roast and let the coffee stand on its own. That's what I plan on doing.

If someone from Canada is interested in a split, please DM.


#1966: Post by jevenator »

Klatch has the 20% off coupon code posted here "HB20LABOR" and they have the Panama Elida Natural Catuai in stock as well.

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#1967: Post by wingnutsglory »

Yes! I'm trying the Super Wush. The Guatemala Las Flores Natural is pretty nice as well (as said before, some strong similarities to Elida Natural).

Loving Klatch!

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#1968: Post by jevenator » replying to wingnutsglory »

Last years Wush was too wild. Smelled and tasted like strong womens perfume to me. Another roast I did, I gave away and they said it takes like hops and orange juice. Curious to hear what you think of the super wush

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#1969: Post by wingnutsglory »

I hope I didn't just make a mistake!!
The notes do sound good on the site and don't match what I've seen elsewhere (different process?). Did you get it from Klatch? I hadn't seen a straight natural before, just the anaerobic. Was that perhaps what you got last year?
I do like intense beans but may not if these match your description.

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#1970: Post by bicktrav »

I picked up a bunch of the Super Wush Wush and roasted it over the weekend. I absolutely love it, but then, I loved last years' Wush, too. It's ridiculously intense, pungent, and untamed. If you don't tend toward out-there brews, steer clear. But if you like stuff that's totally unique with loads of craft beer style notes, it's really great. Definitely nothing else like it.