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Boldjava wrote:I had a 3 year old one. It was like when we played high school football and the socks were on their 4th day, after lots of rain and snow, and they never got fully dry, sitting in my locker in a musty basement below the pool. Taste might be similar...
Soooo ... what you're saying is .... there's a chance!

Thanks for your encouragement, lol

I didn't see dirty socks in the flavor descriptor, so I should be good. :lol:

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Rickpatbrown wrote:Soooo ... what you're saying is .... there's a chance!
Cup them with an open mind.≈
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I'll be following this one. It looks like a coffee that could be a winter comfort in steamed milk.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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I missed the boat on that SM aged Sumatra. Figured I'd sleep on it, and when I went to buy it the next morning it was gone. Oh well -- no dirty socks for me.

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Gary, I am sure your kids can oblige your missed Sumatra.

I can tell you of the Klatch offerings I am really enjoying this Honduras.

This washed process coffee is an enjoyable cup that offers sweet and nutty flavors that complement each other. You will find your cup of coffee with notes of chocolate shake is like the Strauss Dutch Chocolate ice cream, grape, and sweet toffee.

Founded in 1997, Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos de la Sierra (RAOS), was the first cooperative of small and medium organic coffee producers in Honduras. RAOS has 270 members, many of them pioneers in the organic movement with decades of experience cultivating coffee. Others are from a new generation of producers who grew up on their parents' organic farms. Running organic farms is in their blood but not without adding their own new ideas. Many of these producers have built new ecologically run micro-mills with a demucilager, which uses very little water and controls the amount of mucilage that remains on the coffee bean after depulping without fermenting or washing the coffee.

RAOS has two larger collective wet-mills where 80 percent of its members deliver cherry. The wet-mills use the same demucilager technology to run ecologically. RAOS has also invested significantly to improve its drymill installation. In addition to new warehouse space and more mechanical dryers, the facility has 2 new electronic eyes running in series to color sort green coffee. RAOS also has a cupping lab and certified Q grader who cups every lot to ensure quality.
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I'll just use a dirty sock as a coffee filter.

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Klatch had a great 2020 with both their coffees and 20% off sales. They are off to a good 2021 with this offering ... 8943188057

I managed to get #5 of this last summer. It is remarkable how the processing changed the cup compared with the stellar "regular" Elida Natural. This is NOT a fruit bomb at all. Instead, distinct muted fruits are surrounded by deep fudge-like chocolate that coats the palate. Lighter roasts have a thinner body but more fruit while if you go past 1C half way to second crack you get a milk drink lovers dream flat white. That darker roast blends well with a fruit bomb (Elida Natural for instance) as well.

I didn't think I's see this one on the market as green coffee. It's not cheap but perhaps those 20% off discounted gift coupons will ease the hurt.

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Now at Happy Mug: ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE HALO BARITI ... alo-bariti

Looks good. I'm digging the notes and picked up a bit now that I've worked down my mountain of greens a little.


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bradm wrote:Has anyone tried the new Colombian or Brazilian crown jewels from Royal?
Have not tried any, but I am really "eyeing" this one: COLOMBIA CHAPACUAL FABIAN VILLOTA RAISED BED DRIED CROWN JEWEL

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wingnutsglory wrote:Now at Happy Mug: ETHIOPIA YIRGACHEFFE HALO BARITI ... alo-bariti

Looks good. I'm digging the notes and picked up a bit now that I've worked down my mountain of greens a little.
Does anyone here have prior experience with this one?