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Hi Coffee Family
I have a huky 500 T which I really enjoy roasting on. I do all manual roasts. Because of my eyesight I find it kind of difficult to decide when I reach green to yellow. So my question is. .. Is there a ball park temp.that I should target instead of trying to decide when I reach dry end based on color only.? For me it would be easier to read a temperature number rather than decide on a color.f I roast all high grown beans. I don't really want to use Artisan since It's much more fun roasting manually especially with the huky.
Thanks in advance.

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Artisan is uing 150 'C which IMO works just fine.
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Yeah lots of people use 300F/150C as a constant temp. I'm on a Huky as well and I personally call it by eyesight and smell. Looking for the green color to be gone from almost all of the beans and smelling the right amount of the toasty yellow smell. On my Huky this happens around 317F to 327F and it's usually pretty consistent per bean.

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Echoing the above posts. IMO it's fine to go by a fixed temp specific to your Huky. I have a small bright LED light at the window of my Huky, and over the years with different coffees and roast profiles I've found they generally reach DE at a narrow temp range of 300-305F on my roaster.

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310 F pretty consistently on mine, regardless of origin

Tonito (original poster)
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I really appreciate your response. Thanks TRJELENE, BREWZOLOGIST,and CRAIG F. For taking the time to offer your suggestions.
I will never forget your help

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Thank you also Marceini.
I almost forgot to include you in my response.

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I peg mine to 148C but it is most accurate at charges in excess of 340g. 100g charges can only be marked by sight and bt probe will be quite hotter.

The area of which time to dry end 3 min vs 3:30 vs 4 vs 4:30 or even 5 and how that can affect roast profile control , RoR level at 1C start, is still something that puzzles me. I'm usually at least at 360-450 g charges going for -4 | 3:00-3:30 | 1:15 to 2.

I'm curious what you all think in that regard.
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#9: Post by mkane »

It depends on what TC you use. 3mm get's marked close to 300°f. 2mm it's 320°. Green all gone to yellow. It can change from bean to bean.

BTW, roasting with Artisan is by feel.