Green Coffee Sources List - 2021

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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Ringing in the New Year

The list carries over from 2020 to start the year.

For this years list and this thread, would love for people to post about actual green beans they purchase and roast from these sellers that they think are outstanding, and ARE STILL AVAILABLE for others to purchase when they post. Also if you become of aware of regular specials, I will add those to the end of the list. For example, Klatch's epic Black Friday and Holiday sales including gift cards. Of course new sellers will be added too

United States
Klatch Coffee - My current favorite due their free shipping over $50, and discount sales including gift cards over the holiday. High quality beans.
Prime Green Coffee - High end offerings; Jim is easy to work with
Sweet Maria's Liked for showing coffee arrival date, flavor wheel, and ideal degree of roast.
Happy Mug
Aida Batlle Direct
Bodhi Leaf Coffee
Burman Coffee Traders
Theta Ridge Importers of Brazil Daterra
Coffee Bean Corral
Green Coffee Buying Club
Java Beans Plus
Len's Coffee
Leverhead Coffee
Lost Dutchman
The Coffee Project
Roast Coffee Company
Blazing Bean Roasters
Mr. Green Beans
Smokin' Beans Coffee Co.
The Captain's Coffee
RNY Fracking Store
Paradise Roasters
Crop to Cup
Mill City Roasters
Showroom Coffee
Coffee Crafters Green 10 and 20 pound bags plus see larger quantities too,

Larger Quantities-
Genuine Origin 65lb in grain pro bags in boxes; $10 shipping; 300 gram samples $7.50 each

Ally Open Core Coffees (50lb boxes) are consistently available regional community lots. Microlots (50lb boxes) are limited edition coffees from our partner farms. Reserve Lots (25lb boxes) are super-special coffees ideal for competitions and showcase occasions.

Royal Coffee Crown Jewels 22lb Crown Royal boxes (free shipping) or 100lb bags shipped freight

La Bodega 50 lb grain pro bags - shipping included in price; samples sold for $6

Roastmasters 50lb gain pro bags; $22 flat rate shipping

Coffee Shrub 50lb bags; shipping calculated (example to CO was $25 or 50 cents a pound NY was $35); 200
gram samples (up to 10 for $7.55) for wholesale customers only. Wholesale side of Sweet Marias.

Showroom Coffee offers 33 and 66lb choices. Free shipping for orders over 60lbs.

Coffee Crafters Green 30, 40 and 80 lbs available.

Greens from Roasters so you can compare your roast to theirs
Metropolis Greenline - - This is their Redline coffee, 5# minimum, and it also comes in decaf.

Mountain Coffee
West Coast Coffee Traders
Green Beanery
Espresso planet
Single Origin Coffee Inc (also does larger quantities)
Northern Coffee
Creekmore Coffee, Vancouver Island
Finest Cup
94 Celsius

Canada large quantities:
Mountain Coffee
West Coast Coffee Traders

Australia - comments from samuellaw178
Bean Green
Coffee Snobs
Green Bean Roasters #have not used this supplier but the offering seems reasonable.
International Coffee Traders #there is no online shop so you'd have to email to order.
Mountain Top Estate #limited offering but good value considering it's Australian grown coffee (direct from farm?). Taste profile is pretty solid, reminds me of a good quality Ethiopian coffee (roasted medium/light).
Ministry Grounds

Coffee Compass
Small Batch Roasting
Laico Coffee
Stephen Leighton UK

Docklands Coffee
Chania Coffee

Hoofdkwartier Koffiebranderij Email them for offerings and prices
Shokunin Coffee Collective

Stavanger kaffebrenneri

Consistent Sales and Specials
Klatch - knocked it out of the park in 2020 - Black Friday sale 20% off, 12 Days of Christmas 20% off, and WOW - eCards 20% off so you can pay in December for offerings later in the year - make your own sale of sorts.
Theta Ridge - free shipping end of summer sale right after Labor Day and right before Thanksgiving
Bohdi Leaf - Black Friday - 30% off in 2020 on limited (about 10) coffees; can't be combined with free shipping.
Coffee Bean Corral - 15% off on Cyber Monday
Sweet Maria's - Black Friday - no sale in 2020, but in prior years.
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Thanks Michael. Recommend you add Aida to the list:

I am still roasting ABS, which is wonderful and still available.