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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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You're right. It is mostly 5 lb bags. I hadn't noticed because when i ordered, i was looking for 5 lbs of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. They do have a few that they offer 1-2.5 lbs, but it seems the 5 lb bags are best priced.

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New Sweet Maria's blog post on what is Good For Espresso.

I find this section reflects how I have made decisions in the past.
Most of the information you need to get some idea of how a coffee will perform as espresso is in our reviews. We parse out cup characteristics relevant to espresso extraction, like body and sweetness, in the Cupping Notes tab. Our spider and radar graphs also give a good visual representation of how different cup characteristics or flavors rate. As a general rule of thumb, stick to coffees with a body score of at least 8.5 on the spider graph and 3.5 on the radar graph. I usually want around 3.5 on the radar graph for chocolate, and 8.5 for sweetness on the cupping graph. If you don't like bright espresso, an acidity score of 8.0 or less should be safe (though dark roasting can mute acidity quite a bit on a coffee with a score of 8.5).
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