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#51: Post by Boldjava »

I will post my cupping notes once I get a decent profile on the Quest and feel comfortable tackling these $ beans.
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#52: Post by bicktrav »

Hey everyone,

I've already sold a bit of this to a few of you, but figured I'd list it formally here. I've got a Yemen Haraaz Red Grade from Cafe Imports that drinks like a pinot. Apart from that winey note, I get violet chewing gum, green fig, and lemon candy. I've got around 15 lbs of it left. If any of you are interested, shoot me a PM. ... emen-12409

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#53: Post by Chert »

ACE 2020 CoE #28 still available, see posts on that above.

Just arrived to my home, this honey process from Mission San Lucas Cooperative. As they don't have it divided in smaller lots, I post in case anyone is interested.

Also I have no Mexican coffee on hand, and running a bit low on washed centrals, so if anyone wishes to divide the Bella Vista Crown Jewel, please PM me.
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