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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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mkane wrote:I'm in for 10#, please. Something about BBC code that won't let a pm get through.
Erase the last line of the quoted message. It has [img] ... [\img]

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Thanks much. I'll try and remember that.

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Boldjava wrote:Taking orders, multiples of 5, 10, etc. $6.75-$7.00 /lb (working from memory; will get quote Monday). Will work based on commitment order. Send me a direct message.

Country: Ecuador
Farm: Finca Terrazas del Pisque/Microlot/Pichincha region...'
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#194: Post by Chert »

Daterra Masterpiece 2022 selection: aramosa natural anaerobic.

Italian-Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret was noted in promotion of this lot of the 2022 auction. We have a natural anaerobic fermentation of the variety aramosa, a cross breeding of arabica and racemosa, resulting in a coffee of less caffeine compared to arabica. Daterra offers tasting notes of "red berries, cheesecake, white blossoms, apples, rosé wine, raspberry candy". Among the 6 tasters I shared cupping samples with, we agreed it should be on the short list of coffee to pursue at auction.

I share at cost with the HB community, PM me if interested.

Cost is $18.35 per lb or $40.42 per kilo. plus shipping to you.

I will mark SOLD OUT when this unique offering is no longer available
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Boldjava wrote:SOLD Out
Thanks to this excellent Ecuadoran, I have shown that vacuum packed frozen greens are a gas. A gas, as you know, expands to fill whatever volume contains it. Well, I got a new freezer today, and ...

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I roasted the Ecuador Finca Terrazas del Pisque/Microlot/Pichincha region today, the greens smell delicious, have to wait to see how the roast came out. Thanks, Dave!

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#197: Post by Chert »

Here is a vacuum packed jar of a very sweet washed pacamara that I bought late last year and may not get roasted as soon as I want. I've read this variety doesn't keep so well. Also I have one more jar than my cabinet can fit. So if someone is interested I can ship it as is for $36 plus shipping or just the beans which would fit in a padded flat rate envelope for less shipping cost. The jar holds a bit over 3 lbs.

Here's the listing with the price I paid.
2022-AV63, Villaure Pacamara Especial, from Aurelio Villatoro | $12.75/lb.
Black Cherry, Tropical Fruits, Plum, Orange, Cranberry, Structured

PM to claim.

Also the Daterra Victor anaerobic natural aramosa dwindles in quantity,but is still available.
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