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wingnutsglory wrote:Thanks for all those. Strangely, I've tried each one previously (albeit from prior years) and found most falling short of the descriptions/expectations. It may very well have been 100% on my methods/equipment/abilities at the time, a subpar lot, or something else, but most of them gave me less than expected. Bombe was one of the exceptions, and I found some solid berry there but it was hard to repeat and only lasted a couple of days. One great except lately has been the Yirg. Mufinga that Sweet Maria's now sold out of. I probably should go back and try some of those others now.
I've learned to think of cupping note production as such: like the men's tennis rankings. Even in the top 50 its been a precipitous down slope in ability from the top 2-4 to 6-10. Those folks at the top of the importing game are cupping scores of coffee's sometimes daily for days/weeks on end with other experienced cuppers. Highly refined palates with mine nowhere close. Sometimes I think they may shill a bit to sell, but I can't honestly conclude that's the case in most instances.

Then there's my roasting ability...

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Good comments. Case in point: I've again confirmed the same of Ethiopia Hamasho Natural Grade 1. I got some in last week and the first roast was in line with my previous comments: I just don't get the results that others have. I have no clue what's going on. It's not bad but nowhere near something like the Mangesha Farm, where my results are very much in line with others'.

Anyway, I'll stop focusing on the wrong thing in this thread and return to my comments about splitting a Crown Jewel. I'm still looking but won't be jumping on any current offering yet.

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Sold out

Crown Jewel Colombia Circasia Edwin Noreña Double Carbonic Galaxy Hops Mossto Fermented Honey Gesha.

4-lb packs being offered. Fermented with the juice from red cherry crushing process (mossto).

"...this coffee is bombastic. It's a floral-forward brew that leans heavily on lavender, rose, hibiscus, and other perfumy bouquets that exude extravagance...long on flavor and light on subtlety, this gaudy coffee is unconventional and unequivocally head-turning."

I am not big on honey but when it comes to a wild sounding Gesha, I am all in. This will be our Holiday Coffee this year. The florals seem predominant in the cup (see word occurrence graph). Love lavenders in a Gesha. ... 045de57c23

4-lb packs. $84/shipped USPS padded flat rates.

Sold out

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I will tell you from first-hand experience that it really is hoppy! One of the most interesting coffees I've tasted, no qualifiers needed.
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Too bad I missed this one. If anyone is interested in splitting a box, let me know.

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Same here Rob! Would love to split with someone

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I'll be interested to hear how hoppy and lavender mix. Sounds...interesting.


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Im interested in split.