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#171: Post by Boldjava »

Looking for 3 an alternate (* below) Yemeni coffee lover to split the cost of obtaining 28 samples for the Yemeni National Auction. tldr: Cost? $104 (includes USPS priority shipping to you).

✧ What you receive: Seven 150-grams samples, chosen at random from the samples.
✧ Total cost to you: $104, (at my cost, no markup) works out to around $2/8-oz cup. Compare w/cost of sipping a cup at a coffeeshop. Calculation includes 15% weight loss from roasting and shipment to you. Do your own calculations based on intended use (espresso, strength preferences, etc).
✧ Who sponsors this? The Mokha Coffee Institute, co-founded by Willem Boot and Mokhtar Alkhanshali. Boot's lab had final say on lots entered after they were cupped in Yemen.
✧ Want more info on the auction?
✧ Any other obligations? Must I participate in the auction? No, but I would love your cupping/tasting notes in case I participate in the auction. They are small lots.
✧ Can I enter the auction without addt'l cost? Sure, keeping in mind that these small lots are in Oman. (Not sure if Port of Mokha Coffee (Mokhtar Alkhanshali) would piggyback this on his shipments). https://nationalyemencoffeeauction.sens ... n/register

(*) No spaces left but will accept one alternate just in case people's circumstances change. Contact me with a message.➦
We would work out details.

1. Dave
2. Sosha
3. Zeece
4. Chert

Thanks for your interest, Dave Borton, on that hunt for the next Red Cherry Yemeni...many of you know that story.

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#172: Post by Beast_Coffee »


I have recently bought a coffee roaster and was wondering if anyone else in this forum lives in The Netherlands as I would like to buy greenbeans from ITC but they come in 60kg bags and wanted to split them


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#173: Post by Boldjava »

Surprise. 28 Yemeni auction samples got dropped on my porch this morning, one week early from Oman>Leipzig>Cincinnati>Minneapolis>St Paul. Love the logos.

I hope to get them sorted today since I have a 15-hour poll judge shift tomorrow. They will go out to our 3 members who are in on the sampling with me:
o. Chert
o. Sasha
o. Zeece

You can see why we divvied them up. I have to practice some test roasts of 150 grams rather than 228 grams on the roaster before I run at these.

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