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For my personal taste, the best coffee I've ever had, was Ethiopian Yirgacheffe... And then, a couple years later, I found some green beans from Sweet Marias called Guatemala Acatenango Gesha, which is amazing... but a little pricey for me, at $15 a lb. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read a little story, which said that Gesha coffees grown in Central America, actually originated in Ethiopia, and were imported, so I guess its like Ethiopian coffee, grown in Central America ? Hmmm. Maybe that's why I liked the Gesha so much ?
Anything in the $10 or less range that has a similar taste profile as these coffees ?

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Look for similar tasting notes to the Guat Geisha you liked, focusing on florals, light fruits (not heavily fermented dark berries), and particularly notes like jasmine, maybe a light lavender. There's a lot of nice Ethiopians that fit this description. Some green coffee vendors let you narrow your desires down by what flavors you like, instead of where it was produced.

Royal lets you search by Keyword descriptors, like "floral" ... /?s=floral

As does Sweet Maria's and has 20 results under "jasmine" ... ?q=jasmine

Good luck with your search!
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I don't have any suggestions, other than to check out the other threads Greens Alert and Green Coffee Exchange. :D
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Give Guatemalan Antigua a try. It isn't expensive and has some of the notes you seek. We roast it to just beyond the end of 1C; any more and the character begins to become masked by the roast notes.