Giesen and Probat webinars on YouTube

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Most of the roaster manufacturer channels on YouTube are mostly about selling their own roasters - as one would expect.

Folks here are probably familiar with all the videos that Mill City has done

Giesen has been running a series of seminars with Willem Boot, and Mr. Boot always has interesting opinions. I presume that the original webinars were for Giesen customers, but the captured sessions are in a playlist: ... WuppwWXxvi

Probat seems to be just starting into webinars with their "Pop-Up" series. Their content seems aimed at industrial roasters, but that perspective can still be tangentially interesting. Today's captured session was on degassing, storing, grinding: Home roasters probably never think of degassing, but if you want to make bricks of ground coffee, then controlling degassing is a big deal ...
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Today's Probat live video was on their new colour measurement system. Forget bean temperature, this device tracks colour temperature during a roast.

The video isn't aimed at home roasters :wink:, but it's fun watching the 120kg drum roaster for a bit ... but for the meat:

2:39 to 2:50 - to see the colour sensor itself
17:30 to 20:30 - to see the BT and colour curves
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Probat video was a good one, interesting to see how this develops in the industry with other manufacturers.