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I am having the same problem this is nothing like the last bag of salmo i got from them i can't sell this coffee.
No matter how i roasted last salmo it tasted great this new batch is the total opposite . I'm going to call today to see what they say

pressorespresso (original poster)

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I thought I'd come back and let everyone know that I'm finally back on track and getting good espresso shots with the Salmo. Two things I changed: reduced my green weight from 400 to 200 grams and I modded the Behmor by yanking the two plugs that turn on the smoke fan at 10:30 (countdown) into the roast. I prop the lid with a screwdriver at about 8 minute countdown. I just had a straight espresso (20g in, 35g out) that rivaled my commercial Black and White Classic roast, i.e., very good indeed. I still have difficulty hearing first crack and of course there will be no way I can duplicate roasts exactly, but I'm certainly getting better results now.

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I got pretty good roasts with this coffee now that i have a Kaldl fortis instead of Heat gun and bread machine to roast with. But i will still say this crop is nowhere near as good as the last one


#14: Post by chemfun »

I'm down to the last 10 pounds of the 2020 bag I bought. How would you describe the flavors as different from the 2021 bag? As this is the cheapest bag on the GO site. I could upgrade to a different coffee.