FreshRoast SR800, Ethiopia Sidama

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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I just picked up my first home roaster. I also went out and bought 2 LBS of some Ethiopia Sidama. I can get more if needed.

Is this coffee better as a light or medium roast? Any tips for roasting with the FreshRoast SR800? Can you share some notes?

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I'd say lighter side of medium, personally. I'm using the SR540 and generally have started out new beans using the Sweet Maria's strategy of 9/9 on the settings and adjust fan down to guide the roast. Depending on your voltage stability the Power setting can fluctuate a bit in terms of matching others settings. So, starting 9/9 drop a fan setting each minute or so and use sight/smell. Take notes on temperatures - on the FreshRoast it's measuring under the plate, so runs hotter than the Bean Temps you'll see others post. Take them into First Crack, and hit Cool after a minute or so into the cracks. Rest a day or two - taste.

Have you looked at hooking up Thermocouples with Phidgets? You can monitor a bit more closely within Artisan.

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There are a few approaches in the long SR800 thread, but note that what is tried at the beginning of the thread is often discarded by the end, showing if nothing else that some experimentation will be necessary for you:
Fresh Roast SR800 - 1/2 lb Air Roaster

(Also note many have an extension tube on it that changes the approach)

I've liked starting on high fan but lowest temp for the first minute before cranking the heat to a 7, adjusting fan to keep the bean movement ok.

Watch and listen more than watching the temp. I cut my Ethiopian right as first crack is ending and it works pretty well.

Good luck! Let us hear how it goes.

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My favorite coffee. I pull 1.5 to 2 min after FC.