FreshRoast SR540 or 800 on 230-volt Converters

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I would like to hear from anyone who is running a FreshRoast SR 500, 540 or 800 on 230-volt mains by converting to 120-volt 50-herts. As a retired EE, I know all about the theory, and I'm aware of the poor state of many Chinese-made converters. I'm seeking actual experience. Thanks! :)

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Before getting a converter, you might check the possibility that the FreshRoasts are built for both voltages with series/parallel heaters and dual tap fan motors. In that case, shifting a few wires will do the trick.
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I reached out to the manufacturer of the FreshRoast roasters. Here's what they said:
I usually do not recommend using a converter, many have done this and have been successful. But, as soon as the converter or the power supply spikes, the machine is done and will not work. There is a protection circuit on the control board that will blow, and the machine will be useless. The power supply is 1650 watts, 60hz, (50hz will only mess with the fan motor over time), 120V (Not 110V, it will not get hot enough on 110V).

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Why not simply get a large transformer with slow start since the frequency apparently only affects the fan motor? Probably as expensive as a decent convertor at that power rating.
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