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MassWineGuy wrote:So is it generally believed that going over 375 F is too hot? If so, uh oh.
Really can't say because it is so very very dependent on where the probe is. On the temp readout of the SR800 the TC is in the blower somewhere and it will give fairly high readouts - much higher than 375. Temp is going to be just consistent for yourself, not to compare to others.

If you really wanted to try to compare your temp to someone else the best might be to use a similar bean and mark the temp where the beans turn yellow (dry phase end) and again where the first cracks are heard. Those readouts could be comparison points, but even so they wouldn't be helpful.

The main thing is, "I thought this roast turned out too dark so next time I'm going to drop it 10 degrees sooner and see what that is like." Or combined with time, "This was the perfect color but seemed a bit baked in flavor so I'm going to hit the same final temp but get there faster." (Although that last statement is a bit beyond what I know or could do.)