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#211: Post by Iowa_Boy »

Wanted to try a different approach as I still am tasting some roasty flavors.
Decided to try the "soak technique" a little differently.
Switched back to Razzo 12" extension, as heat retention is better due to thicker glass.
Preheated to 320 degrees.
Then right before I dumped the beans in, I hit the cool button as I only wanted the heat from the glass and the fan.
This definitely extended the turning point out to about 1:15 (previously around 25 seconds).
As temp hit the turning point, I hit cool again to turn the heat back on at setting 1.
As you can see, I didn't ramp the heat up quite quickly enough after that due to the brief ROR crash. So not perfect.
Still, roast looks more even overall that last weeks so we will see what it tastes like.
Going to try this again with other beans next weekend and see if I can smooth out curve a bit more.


#212: Post by MassWineGuy »

I just received my SR800 and the Fresh Roast extension tube. I'd rather not spend what the shorter Razzo costs. Is the FR ok or would you strong suggest that I upgrade?

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#213: Post by mtbizzle » replying to MassWineGuy »

It's probably more of a lateral switch than an upgrade. They are different, I don't think there is any clear "better" here. Wouldn't buy the Razzo if you have the extension tube, unless you used what you have for a while and think the Razzo would fix some problem


#214: Post by MassWineGuy »

Alright then. I will commence with roasting.


#215: Post by YeetSkeeterson »

Would anyone be able to blind taste and tell apart the same beans and attempted roast level from an SR800 vs. say, a Behmor or Gene Cafe? I'm curious as to what roasters impart on ITC flavors.

I roasted on a hand roaster called the Zen Roast to no avail at least 10 times. I did everything but the beans scorched even with constant shaking, and with no lid there was a huge loss of heat. I ordered the SR800 from Burman online and WOW. I did two roasts back to back utilizing the samples I chose and they are at least, in looks, a similar quality to my favorite local coffee around. I am truly impressed with this machine. It is easy to clean up, every component that I wanted to detach for cleaning afterwards detached with ease. I can't believe the evenness, I picked out a single blonde bean and everything else is indistinguishably the same color.

With these results I'm simply wondering what doubling or tripling the money spent would have gotten me, in the home roaster range. I roasted 6oz each time, one bean was pretty small so the volume wasn't much compared to the other which was quite large.

I am very, very happy with this machine after many an unsuccessful roast in the Zen Roast, as well as a simple cast iron skillet. I was worried it wouldn't be "good enough" compared to the Behmor or Gene Cafe.

The moment that delicious caramelization smell comes... I've had yet to smell anything like that when utilizing my previous tools. I roasted outside in 82F weather with no extension cord and under a cover. I didn't get an ounce of smoke and 99% of the chaff landed in the collector.


#216: Post by MassWineGuy »

Nice to hear. I got mine and am waiting on the chaff collector mod to arrive.


#217: Post by YeetSkeeterson » replying to MassWineGuy »

After watching and reading I will definitely be adding a larger chamber down the road.