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Pinoybrewer wrote:

I bought this hot air roaster on our version of ali express thinking it was an sr800 knockoff. There wasn't enough information so it was a leap of faith. Boy oh boy...
It does look similar. I bet you'll get some fine roasts. From what it sounds like above, try starting at low heat for the first 2 minutes then high for the rest and see how it goes! I too have found washed coffees easier.
hercdeisel wrote:I've been thinking through the Hoos video on fluid bed roasting and trying to think about how to incorporate those insights into the uSR800 (discussions and videos here: Fluid Beds: Keep max loft)

Trying to balance a few things:
I hadn't roasted in a few months - actually since that workshop- but I finally put your and IowaBoy's good work into practice. I don't have it mastered yet, for sure, and I haven't tasted the results but this is definitely promising. The cracks of FC were definitely louder and the roast seemed quite uniform. For now I'd say that's the best theory for these things. I'm sure some bean-specific tweaks will come up.

So thanks for the good tips! I'll continue to roast and report!

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Iowa_Boy wrote:Hercdeisel,
Can you share what setting you use to preheat and for how long? Or do you simply go by base temp readout for preheat? Ultimately, isn't the glass temperature what is important in the preheat (I guess the base temp is an approximation of that?), as it provides a conduction and some convective heat source early on?
I generally preheat to 365 going by the readout. It's usually about 2-3 minutes. I've tried longer preheats before but that Hoos video was pretty convincing to me that even in a drum roaster a huge amount of all roasting is done through the hot air more so than hot surface.

While I think it helps to do the preheat to get a head start on building a big enough heat differential between bean and air, I mostly do the preheating to ensure consistency between roasts. I do a roast let it sit for 20min to cooldown do another roast. That usually nets me about 300-310g of roasted coffee. If I don't preheat, my second roast will run noticeably hotter than the first. As is, preheat is much quicker on the second roast and it runs a few degrees hotter than the first.
MNate wrote:So thanks for the good tips! I'll continue to roast and report!
Glad to help...hope it works out for you ok! I still keep tweaking and tinkering trying to figure this roaster out (and, well, roasting in general out!) I have to admit that I still get fairly inexplicable inconsistency in roasts from time to time. I was roasting this Klatch Anaerobic Ethiopian...and had maybe 4-5 roasts in a row where it came out fantastically. Just straight up grape juice taste that was amazing. My last 2-3 roasts of it, though, despite all being within the temp and time ranges of the first 4-5 roasts have just been flat with a baked finish.

I was so disappointed in them that rather than finish those on my own i decided to reset my palate by ordering some nice coffees from around the country!

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I don't normally let it rest too much but I've noticed that after 3-4 roast in a row it gets pretty hot. Normally, I do adjust down the heat by a notch after the first roast. I still get the same temps one after the other :)
- Jean

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Another couple of roasts today using this new approach... BUT... this time I had just 180g of a variety so I did that size batch instead of my normal 230g (Razzo 12" btw). Oh! That certainly changes things and now my fan/heat numbers more align with the others (second batch & following did 200g). I could keep the fan at 9 for a long long time without trampolining, whereas with 230 I had to start turning it down almost immediately. And yeah, you kind of run out of heat increases (I was roasting outside on a 60 degree breezy day), so turning the fan lower actually increases the heat readout (does it actually transfer more heat to the bean? I don't know).

Anyway... still awaiting some taste impressions, and really, I have a lot of room for improvement. But this is interesting and I think better.