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Hi Everyone,

So I'm still a little new to the roasting game, I just got my first 50 lb bag sent over to me from an online source. I previously got a 20 lb bag and a few 2 lb bags of the same coffee. I feel like the 50 lb bag has a lot more beans with defects in them than any of the other size bags. I'm pulling 30 to 50 grams of bad beans out of a 300 gram batch. I feel like with the smaller bags it was half that. It got me wondering, do I need to do an additional step with a 50 lb bag that I don't have to do with the smaller bags? I know larger operations use destoners, but these are just lots of shells, and quakers. I am having to take 20 to 30 minutes with a 300 gram batch to pull out the bad beans.

Am I missing something?

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I've ordered several bags that size and larger and have not dealt with that. Where did you order from?

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I choose high quality beans from reputable brokers and rarely have more than 1 to 2 bad beans per 1 lb batch.

There's tons more sub 85 coffee in the world than 85+ coffee.

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pics please

7fallskenny (original poster)

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I'm when I get home I will do a roast and show you what I'm talking about. Maybe I am being too picky about what I think is a bad bean?

The company I get beans from is great, I don't even want to say who it is because I think it's more user error than anything in their end.

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pic's of green beans please

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I roast coffees that are sometimes just sub 85 and I don't find this issue. And these coffees are very nice when roasted well. I mean there are occasional bad seeds but it's never a big deal. What coffee from where/who? I have also perused a number of the mid size qty suppliers and find that a number of them are offering more generic macro lot type stuff at the qty. it's smart because they can increase their margins. Try Showroom... u can access really nice coffee at a variety of bag sizes. You will pay of course.. but they are a small enough company that is seems like they typically have a higher percentage of their overall offer list cupping at a higher level. In other words very selective with what they bring in.