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slickrock wrote:I think I have ET worked out. I've worked with Procon to have 3mm stainless, ungrounded thermocouples made with M6 threading, which can be directly placed (i.e. no drilling) in the tapped hole location where the lower right-hand screw holds the bean chute to the front faceplate. It needs to be at least 2.5" long to reach well into the interior of the drum so it doesn't pick up heat from the faceplate. At 1" length, it's temp tracking is too muted. I went for 3" and bent the probe (with a crude/makeshift miniature pipe bender) to clear the double-decker fins.

I have a drill press so I could go wild with placement, but got gun shy over time and thought to make one of the existing holes in the faceplate work; also my unit didn't come with an analog gauge in the chute, so this wasn't an option, though I feel that location would be suboptimal because it relies and discrete airflow to get a good reading. If you don't use the fan and keep the hopper trapdoor shut, for example, ET readings will be subdued.
With the amount of heat generated and held in this roaster it might be interesting to compare temps at that ET placement to a probe hanging down the chute. Currently my probes are set up with one touching the bean mass where they tapped the hold in the front plate. The other is dangling down the chute pretty far. I'll be away for awhile but when I get back temp readings should be noise free. I just got the Phidget from osanco and co.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Hey Joel, are you happy with the ET placement you described? I have my TJ-067 on order and would like to get the ET set up, and like you would prefer not to drill holes in my new roaster. If your set up is working out, would you post a pic of how you bent it and a part# or order# so I can be sure to get the same part from Procon? Thank you!