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Working with a new Yirgacheffe this week (Koke Co-Op Washed Gr. 1). Based on feedback, I tried charging at a lower temp than the last profiles I uploaded. Removed all of the smoothing on Artisan as well. Liking these profiles more than the last but still wanting/needing to improve. The first roast crashed, so I tried to fix it with less gas into FC on the second roast. Avoided the rise, but it still crashed. Haven't cupped yet, but pulled some espresso same day with both roasts and I think they're promising. A lot of acid, but in a lemon candy way. Still plenty of sweetness and body. As always, feedback is appreciated. Will update when I have a chance to actually cup both roasts after resting them a few days.

I've also decided that I'm going to go with calling DE when I think it's DE as opposed to automatically calling it at 300F. I'd like to get my senses consistent and dialed in (if possible), and it seemed a little boring to just mark it at 300.

Thanks all!