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bkronline wrote: [I may have missed it, but I didn't see which modifications you requested. I think this was being saved for part 2?
Yes, the modifications I had made will be discussed in Part 2. Sorry for the delay to so far, but based on the recent flurry of posts, looks like I need to step it up a notch.

bkronline wrote:Did the Huky 500 come with digital BT, ET, and MET temperature instrumentation?
The roaster comes with a digital BT probe with thermocouple and an analog ET probe (dial thermometer), the latter of which can be switched out with a digital probe. Originally you had to make the choice at ordering time, but I think Kuanho has now devised and adapter to allow this. I devised one my self by using a 1/4NPT brass plug and tapped it to fit the probe. Using this approach, I can switch them out as needed without having to disassemble to the roaster. The MET probe was my own modification (I'll show in later post), though it would be be cool if Kuanho could provide this as an option.
tekomino wrote: I could not get default IR roaster to perform for me. I got 20,000 BTU stove to run Huky and that is working great. I use pressure gauge and needle valve on my stove for precise control and repeatability. That works very well too.
Interesting. What stove did you end up using? Needle valve control would be cool. Never did get the default IR burner because I wanted to use my kitchen stove - curious to get your experience with it.
bkronline wrote: A question for the community about roasting with the Huky 500 indoors. Without hose ventilation as mentioned above I would imagine one needs a decent kitchen range hood vented to the outside. Would you think a vent under the microwave (no hood) to the outside would be alright for the amount of smoke a 1 lb. batch would produce? It feels nice and strong.
How well does it work when you cook something like fatty hamburgers or wok cooking? Do you know the CFM of the exhaust fan? 700-900CFM would be good, because this roaster makes a lot a smoke (no afterburner) and the fan orientation is not the best for kitchens without good ventilation. Mine is 1200CFM, which I use on medium speed.
chrisschooley wrote: How well does it retain heat? It looks to be built similarly to the Quest in that the drum is not housed in any real insulation.
IMO, heat retention and insulation are not really issues with the Huky since there is "effectively" almost no limit to heat production with a gas burner. Its more of an issue with electric heating element roasters, where precious BTUs can't go waste and modders go to great lengths to keep them from escaping.
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Thanks to all for the continued replies, this is helping immensely!

With my current indoor ventilation situation (it's been recommended not to modify the exhaust to vent outside via a hose due to airflow, and my kitchen hood fan doesn't actually vent outside nor is strong enough), if I go ahead and decide on this machine it will mean I'm roasting outside... which presents another series of kinks in northern virginia.

I've read elsewhere on the home roasting forums that roasting outside is fine even with the HotTop, so I doubt it's an issue with an infrared propane burner used with the Huky 500. Then again I've never done it so any advice would be very very helpful. I may have to adjust the bean mass a bit depending from the information I've gathered.

Right now I'm on the fence with the Quest M3 and the Huky 500. I think part 2 of slickrock's write up will be the gem of information quite a few of us are more than happy to wait patiently for.

Thanks again everyone!
- BKRonline

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How much is the Huky? I remember reading it somewhere a while back before i bought the quest. Is it 500? I cant find any results using google.


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dustin360 wrote:How much is the Huky? I remember reading it somewhere a while back before i bought the quest. Is it 500? I cant find any results using google.
This is what Mr. Li sent me (please use this for general reference only):
Mr. Li wrote:The direct flame Roaster (Can change into the half direct flame)
  • size:40*19*35cm (L*W*H)
  • weight:( around 6kg)
  • Voltage:110V~220V
  • material:(drum T2.5mm stainless steel with hole ) 2.5MM#304  diameter130MM。
  • cover:super shining stainless steel。
  • handle:(Hardwood )
  • Drum rotation speed:48rpm
  • Temperature measuring:(dual system ,analog (Drum temperature ) and k-type digital
  • reading(bean temperature))。
  • Fuel source:(liquefied propane gas (LPG) )。
  • Batch capacitor:150g~ Max500g。
  • Exhaust fan and cooling :6 inch casting fan
  • Bearing: Full Ceramic Bearing
The price of Hucky 500 is 1023USD (not including choose appurtenance & shipping fee).

choose appurtenance:
  • 1.Digit thermometer: 50USD
  • 2.Infrared stoves (with Needle valve switch & Gas Pressure gauge ) : 87USD
The freight charges By "Express Mail Service is "157USD"
(Can receive in about 3~5 days ),

The freight charges By "SAL" is "114USD"
(Can receive in about 8~14 days ),
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Wow! Thanks Brian. I didnt think it was that much. Im happy i choose the quest, but then again Im only interested in small batch sizes.

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Wow, quite a writeup! I took the liberty of splitting the next installment to Exploring the Huky 500 Coffee Roaster, Part II.
Dan Kehn

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Just added Part 3 of the review: Exploring the Huky 500 Coffee Roaster, Part III
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