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Hey all,
I just upgraded my home roaster to a kaldi fortis. I'm super pumped about it but have made some mistakes already! I neglected to buy an exhaust fan. :( I'm trying to build one myself and have looked at a bunch of options including huky parts, multiple cyclone dust collector solutions, and more... I found this cool home depot dust collector that hooks onto a 5 gallon bucket. I would plan on controlling it with a dimmer. I love how it wod be a super simple solution... only purchasing one out of the box item. But my concern is that the exhaust temperature would fry the internal parts of the fan... I was thinking of maybe taking it apart and spraying internal components with a high heat automotive spray paint? Any thoughts you have would be appreciated!

Here's the link:
https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dustopper-H ... /302643445


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I can't help with a home made solution but I will say that I own the Kaldi fan box and it's fantastic at both air flow control during roast and bean cooling after drop. You will get over the sticker shock very quickly. I was very much on the fence about it but boy I am seriously glad I bought it.

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Thanks for the feedback on the Kaldi cooler. I have a friend that is a sheet metal worker and was looking at him making what I believe to be similar to the Kaldi cooler. Is it basically just a fan with an inlet/outlet and a filter to catch chaff before the fan? Here's a sketch of my design only there would be a filter before the fan.


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Hey Donnie, I can't help w/ your parts protection question. It may help to review the threads where others have built their own coolers/ chaff collectors / Cyclone separators. Many are with Huky's and a few Kaldi's iirc. Most detail the parts lists for the major components and I'm sure the members involved would love to help if they're still active.

I also have a Fortis. I bought the Cooler/chaff collector w/ the Fortis. I later worked with Seinn to provide a one-off set-up that integrated with my fortis. Details here Cyclone for Kaldi Fortis Came In In my case having a separate cooler and the cyclone separator makes multiple batch roasting so much smoother and simpler.


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Nice! I didn't know Kaldi made a cyclone separator. I have a separate cooler already so if I buy an "out of the box" solution, I'd probably go that route. The wife is on me about my expensive new toy that I can't really use until I get this exhaust thing figured out though. I don't want to go to her and say it'll be another $500+ to make it work. :shock: that's great information to have though!

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I've made the decision to purchase a sheet metal cyclone from eBay and get a small-cfm 4" axial fan on the other side of it from the roaster. I'll post some pics once it's all put together!

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What you really need is a small heat resistant blower for the project, and they are not expensive. In Taiwan they run around 60-80$ usd, kind of a specialty product; and impossible to source in the US. I have seen something similar on Alibaba, they way you can tell is there are two fans in this product; one impeller inside the blower and another exterior cooling fan in a perforated shroud. For this reason the motor shaft is longer to accommodate the exterior fan blade. There are a multitude of variations one can order; different style impellers, forward and backwards impeller rotation, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. I wouldn't worry about any of that, just the heat resistant option.

In Taiwan the inlet and outlet can be ordered in 2.5" and 3", it's just a little bolt on flange. A motor foot is another option along with an optional DC motor and controller. A straight A/C blower will work fine connected to a home made damper. The Taiwanese versions are switchable 110v/220v.

If you can get a single heat resistant blower from China for less than $60; I'd give it a try. My last two orders from China never got here from Aliexpress and have no experience with Alibaba. Otherwise they have arrived in a few months, with the free shipping option.