DIY Color Meter Enclosure Group Build Thread

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OFFER CLOSED, PM me and I will gauge interest on another round

What is this offer?

I made an offer to 3D print enclosures for members for use in the DIY Color Meter project found here. Several members took me up on the offer and with the blessing of HB I've started this thread to give the details and allow a discussion surrounding the distribution and build of the containers.

Fortunately, it has turned into more than just a case because ducats has kindly donated the glass slides to ship with the enclosures. We decided to ship 2-3 slides per container in case one breaks during transit or during the build. The slides typically are sold in large quantity so having each member have to purchase 75-100 slides didn't seem like a good use of the member's funds.

I'm also looking into providing the screws needed as well so each member does not need to track down a small quantity of screws. Details on this will be provided soon.

How many spots are there?

Currently I am shooting for 10 enclosures. This is mainly limited by the amount of filament I have. If we fill these spots and there is additional interest then we can assess opening further spots.

Time line

Soon! As of this post, I am almost finished building and gathering the items needed for the bundles.

Items included in the build

Tentative list of items included in the build:
  • Enclosure top with switch opening (Black PLA+)
  • Enclosure bottom (Black PLA+)
  • 2-3 glass slides
  • Screws to assemble the project
Shipping and expenses

Instead of trying to provide exact shipping quotes for everyone I think it would be easier to do a flat shipping price that would include the roughly average shipping charge and the purchase of the mailers. I plan to keep the bundle under 13oz so we can save money doing first class mail. I'm thinking mailers and shipping would be in the $5-10 range depending on where people are located. The final cost in that range will be determined once I get all the items together and weigh the bundle. Members outside the continental US are welcome to join the build group but their shipping will be handled separately with an actual quote.

Pictures of items

First case printed

Member lists

Members currently in the group build:
Ducats PAID Shipped
Drgary PAID Shipped
Mkane PAID Shipped
Randytsuch PAID Shipped
Milligan PAID
learncoffee PAID Shipped
azfurniss PAID Shipped
pcofftenyo PAID Shipped
Cebseb PAID Shipped

How to join and Handling of private information

All information regarding shipping addresses, personal email addresses, and shipping payment information will be handled through private messaging. Please do not post addresses or personal information here. If you would like to join the build group then please PM me and I will add you to the list.

Thanks everyone!

Milligan (original poster)
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Current status is: 7 enclosure built and the glass slides have made it to me. I'm working on getting the screws and building the rest of the containers. I'm thinking everything will be together tomorrow.

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Milligan (original poster)
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I'm currently looking for the hardware. From the pics and from the prints, it seems like 8xM3-4mm and 4xM3-8mm are needed. An even smaller size is needed if the switch is desired. I may have an easier time finding the screws locally in US standard size of 4-40. I'll see what I find and update the post accordingly. They typically sell them cheaply in packs of 25-50.

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#5: Post by Marcelnl »

I've used M3 x 10mm and M3 x 6 , the 6mm long were the shortest I could find so I put an M3 bolt on them before use
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Milligan (original poster)
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Thanks for the update. I'll bring the case with me to the store to double check.


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Thanks for doing this. Guess I should go order parts now :D

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I found some hardware. Something to look for is that the head on pan head M3 bolts are sometimes too big for the countersink holes on the case. I ended up finding some that recess into the holes. I could not find 4-40 bolts locally but did find the M3. If the longer case screws were modified to accept 6-32 it would significantly reduce the hardware cost for US based builders. The smaller screws for mounting the sparkfun components can be found at most computer supply stores. I believe they are the same size as some SSD/HDD mounting screws M3-4/5.

I couldn't find a large economy pack, so it would be an additional $3 for the screws if you want them with the kit. I bought enough for everyone but will return the ones we don't use if folks want to find their own.

I'll make a post tonight showing everything and I'll be ready to start shipping by Friday so I'll be sending out PMs soon to confirm with everyone and collect information. My sparkfun package comes tomorrow so I'll post assembled pics as soon as I get it together (likely tomorrow evening.)


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I'm fine with the extra $3 for screws so I don't have to deal with finding them.


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#10: Post by Marcelnl »

get longer ones as available, put an M3 bolt on them and dremel the to length is another option...been there done that
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