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Looks great drgary! Glad it worked out for you.

Now that all kits in the group build have been shipped, I wanted to go over the costs for full transparency. Since this was pitched to Dan (HB) as a not-for-profit offering I thought it was appropriate to be upfront with the costs.

Total payments made to me through Venmo and PayPal: $125.99
Shipping expenses: -38.51
Boxes: -$8.82
Screws: -$30.41
Slides (provided by ducats and reimbursed through build funds): -$17.51
Bubble wrap: -$7.54
Total expenses: -$102.79

Total left over: $23.20

The funds left over will replenish the filament used for the project.

Thanks everyone on a successful group build. It was a fun process!
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Thanks, Tim, for doing this.

LMWDP # 272

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I agree. Thanks so much, Tim! I just used it for the first time today, and it works too.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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If you end up doing another round, I'd be very interested!! Looks awesome.

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The enclosure is first class. thanks