Crown Jewel or Other?

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#1: Post by Mythraindeer »

Hey Team HB! I'm running low on greens and I'd like to get something really good. Any recommendations? I don't see much of interest on Sweet Marias. I was looking at the Crown Jewel offerings and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Otherwise, looking at some of the African offerings at Klatch. My focus is espresso, and I need something that shines with and without milk. Will roast on Aillio Bullet V2. Naturals are a challenging roast for me, though I do tend to prefer the flavor profile of naturals.

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If you like citrus notes, the Crown Jewel Peru Organic Verde is one I would recommend. I lived in Lima many years ago not far from where that coffee is grown. Lots of mineral soil in that area.

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Mythraindeer (original poster)

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Cool! I wouldn't have considered Peru coffee if you hadn't said that. I do enjoy citrus notes.

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#4: Post by Chert »

Chiapas Familia Cifuentes

This is the one I find myself considering re-ordering as I am running low. For the flavors that work well for espresso and milk drinks, and the price, I am a fan.
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Mythraindeer (original poster)

#5: Post by Mythraindeer (original poster) » replying to Chert »

This is the one I went with, on your recommendation. I was eyeing the Bolivia, which also looked good. But this Chiapas sounds like the perfect profile for pairing with milk and straight espresso. Sadly, the Peru, mentioned in a prior comment, is sold out or I would have ordered that one, too.

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#6: Post by bradm »

Hope you like the Chiapas CJ as much as I do. Works well in both light and dark roasts. The bean is already in Roast.World. I just ordered 5# of Happy Mug's very similar offering, will post comparison notes...

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Oh cool! I'll search for it in roast world!

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#8: Post by bicktrav »

Prime Green Buyers Club and Klatch have had the best offerings recently -- in my opinion, anyway. Prime Green's El Obraje Gesha is out of this world (although not cheap), and you can pretty much order anything from Klatch with confidence. I've been less enthused about Royal's Crown Jewel's. Sweet Maria's tends to be very reliable. I have their Kenya AA Kiambu Fram Farm, which is excellent.

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#9: Post by Peppersass »

I've been roasting Klatch's Organic Ethiopia Guji Kayon Mountain Natural lately and like it a lot. It's easy to roast and tastes good in a pretty broad range from medium to light. Citrus, strawberry and chocolate.


#10: Post by MerleApAmber »

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been wanting to try Royal and look forward to roasting for taste and personal pleasure. I certainly appreciate their documentation of the offerings.