Covid and roasting

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#1: Post by Zaneemomo »

I came down with covid about a week ago. One of my symptoms is loss of smell. It is bizarre to roast a 5 lb batch of coffee, stick my nose right in the exhaust plume, and get nothing. Same with opening one of the bags this morning. I should be greeted with wonderful aromas, but I might as well sniff a cinder block. I'm sitting on nearly 250 lbs of greens and none of them are lousy, I can't even get rid of crappy beans right now. But I am blessed to be able to write this and complain about the small things...


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I guess this is the perfect time to use up all those bad roasts for your daily brew.

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#3: Post by EddyQ »

Sorry to hear. I hope you a speedy recovery and members around you stay safe and free of the virus.

I know a young man (age 19) that got COVID back in March. He lost taste and smell. But those senses came back. So it is good your coffee is green and can last many months without degrading. Hang in there!
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