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The Taiwanese YangChia Feima roasters from 500g - 40kg have cast iron drums. I'm guessing the smaller ones are a single casting and others cast in sections? Also the composition of the cast iron can be adjusted at the foundry. This part of their manufacturing process is a trade secret.

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My 1kg BellaTW (made by Yang Chia) has multiple cast sections; there are two drum castings - one is a donut tacked in place around the main drum, and there is a separate two-part back casting (see pic below). Fin arms/spiders are also separate castings (no center axle in the drum). Faceplate and the main roaster supports are also cast iron, as is the air plenum/bean chute.

The roaster is friggin' heavy and takes its time warming up. I find it very easy to roast on compared to the Hottop (reverse airflow).

Regardless, material choices can be addressed by engineering, e.g., a double-wall drum can be designed to mimic cast iron.

Note that the colour balance is way off in this pic. The rusty-looking out-of-focus thing dropping down in the middle of the pic is actually a thermocouple that I added. (View is through the exit chute on the faceplate.)
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