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#41: Post by NH »

Follow up report. After obsessing over the "right" type of lube for inside the motor, I decided it prolly wasn't super important and went down to Autozone to pick up what they had, which was STP Premium High Temp Grease.

Tore apart the motor and the shaft was dry. I put a very light coat of grease on it and the bushings and circlip and put the whole thing back together, followed by a roast. Zero squeaks, squeals, chirps, not even a harrumph. Will see what happens later this week when I get 10 lbs of green in and go through a multiple roast session. Will report back if I get the squeals again.

As Tim reported, very easy to take apart and service. I did notice 3 things unrelated to squeaking:
-The top bolts on the outer shield are a PITA to screw in. The holes there are oval, not circular, and seem just barely wide enough.
-Easy to mix up the 2 bolts used for the tilt handle everything else.
-one of the bolt s on the motor plate was missing a lock washer

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#42: Post by Milligan »

Good to hear! You are correct, the brand/type/certification of the gear grease isn't that important. Most automotive greases are made for FAR worse conditions than the gear drive on this little roaster will expose them to. I picked up my tube at a local store (farm or auto, can't remember.) My gear drive did have some type of lubricant on it, but it seemed to have dried out. So whatever Johan was using in there doesn't seem adequate in my case. It was almost like a graphite grease.

If you have a Harbor Freight near by they sell the food safe Super Lube grease there.

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#43: Post by JohnB. »

I wonder what's changed since he built my 11/2018 CR600? I've never had any issues with gearbox noises. Also haven't had to lube the drum bearings.

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#44: Post by Capuchin Monk »

NH wrote:Tore apart the motor and the shaft was dry.
I wonder if they are having quality control issues. New machines shouldn't need to be torn apart to fix squeaks. :?


#45: Post by Milligan »

I thought mine was a one-off issue due to it having a bit of shipping damage on delivery that Johan promptly assisted with by sending parts to repair the issue. I'm wondering if the electric motor and gear drive assembly are sourced already put together as one unit. That would be a supply quality issue. Johan seems to be very particular with his builds and everything was meticulously put together.


#46: Post by Solenoid »

My October '22 build is doing this as well. I'm going to try the oil as mentioned above before tearing it apart for a full lube job. Would 3in1 oil be OK for this purpose? The only mineral oil I have is for sealing cutting boards, it's not much of a lubricant.


#47: Post by Milligan replying to Solenoid »

I'd be fine with it. Don't lube the rear bearing with it though. You may get a faint oily smell from it when fully heated.


#48: Post by Solenoid »

I went ahead and lubed the motor shaft with the 3in1, on 2nd roast with no squeaks. Will see how it holds up, I have two more roasts to complete. I still want to do the full tear down, but this seems to have made an improvement.

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#49: Post by NH »

Right on. Heard back from Johan, he's now tearing apart the motor and putting high temp grease on the shaft of each build. Must've got a bum run of 'em (or at least a dry run). Very cool to see a manufacturer acknowledging a problem and fixing it.
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#50: Post by Milligan replying to NH »

Ah, I figured he may be getting the whole drive as a premade assembly. I wouldn't have thought he'd have an oversight like that if he put them together. Glad it is being addressed for new customers.