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I came across this and I have had the same issue with the noise from the shaft on the motor end. In case it helps anyone, the copper/graphite lubricant that Johan recommended is ... dp/SA01878 or, but these are not available in the US (as far as I could tell). I have had success reducing my squeaking with ... /202597501. Care should be taken when spraying it because the graphite goes all over the place and you will wind up cleaning it off everything if you miss slightly -- it comes out of the can like a firehose. I literally just sprayed it onto the shaft where it enters the motor.

My squeal seems temperature dependent. Since I do back to back roasts the problem usually appears after the 3rd roast, since I never let the roaster drop below 180C. It still make a bit of noise after spraying but it has improved a lot over what it was. I may disassemble as described above if it gets worse so I can properly lubricate it.


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Please note that the copper lubricant should only be used in the motor housing and nowhere near the drum or the drum bearings. The only lubricants suggested for the drum bearings are food safe mineral oil or food safe grease.

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These have all been super helpful to read. Just took delivery of my roaster and noticed a squeaking that is only at high/roasting temps. No squeaking at room temp. Contacted Johan with this vid, he replied quickly and said this

"is the motor shaft wearing in, sorry for this.
To help this please apply a few drops of mineral oil on the black shaft where it goes into the motor.
Please take a look at the picture attached, this is where to apply the oil. There are 2 washers with a circlip, the oil can cover this too.
Could you do this while warming up the roaster?
Could you tilt the roaster to the left to help the oil run toward the motor?"

Video here for reference.
Again, inspired by the contributions here, sharing this so the next person knows what to do. :)
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Ouch, that is what mine did. Only when heated. I tried oil there but it didn't help. I had to tear down the motor gear housing to lubricate behind the large plastic drive gear. I used high temperature grease approved for rotational assemblies. It was the only thing that cured that sound. Unfortunately, you have to take the drum housing apart to get all the way to the area behind the gear drive. It takes about 30mins to tear down the first time. Sorry to hear it happened to you. I thought perhaps it was because mine had a bit of shipping damage.

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Right on, will tear down and lube this week. Thanks!
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mkane wrote:I'm going on the hunt for a pillow block bearing with grease fitting.
Did you find and test a bearing for this?
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Couldn't find a bearing small enough with a zerk fitting installed.