Considering buying 6kg coffee roaster on Alibaba

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#1: Post by fenncafe »

I am considering buying a 6kg coffee roaster that I found on Alibaba, and it looks very solid.

The brand is Ty-Tech.

Here is the technical data sheet:

Does anyone have a reference on these manufacturers?



#2: Post by Milligan »

A big factor to look for are the individual components involved. You need to make sure you can get those components in the future. This means if you want a technologically advanced roaster with a lot of software and a touch screen then you should be very confident the company will be around in 5-10 years to support that technology. If you aren't, then look for a roaster made with components that are "off-the-shelf" and in the more traditional style of simple PID control with standard sized electrical motors, burners, etc so they can be easily replaced without the OEM involved. These are important factors when making a commercial equipment purchase.

I know there are folks that have had great luck with Chinese roasters. There are several importers in various countries that rebadge them and provide local support. Depending on your budget, that may be an option for you in your area. If you are handy and can do without support then the direct-ship Chinese or Turkish roasters can be a great savings. Sorry I'm not able to give specific recommendations based on this brand. There are several Chinese brands that pop up from time to time under different names.

Something to look for:

The company has only been registered online for roughly 2 years.